Blog post #2

I learned that both me and my group relate on so many levels and are really passionate about child abuse. We plan to collect spare change from anyone and anywhere and plan to at least raise about 50 dollars. I didn’t really come to telling anyone abkut msp, so i wouldn’t really be able to tell what responses i got.

Blog #6

BLOG #6 Topics:
A. What did you learn from the non-profit panel that will help you decide how to distribute your funds?
B. What are you learning from your team’s fundraising activity?

Something I learned from the non-profit panel that will help me distribute my money is it’s important to look at each organization in depth to see why and how they are actually helping the cause. From my team’s fundraising activity I learned two very important things such as how to handle money and what good marketing skills are. Handling money in a fundraiser is vital because you need to know how much money you’re putting in and how much money you will actually receive in the end. Also, marketing skills are very much needed. You need to be able to convince people to help donate/buy something for your cause .


BLOG #5 Topics:
A. What did you learn about your cause/organization?
B. Why is it important to look at the numbers before making an investment? What did you learn about your organizations when you looked at their tax returns?

Something I learned about my cause and organization is that more people than we thought suffer from lack of food and nutrition or none at all. Something else I learned about my cause is that it’s 45% of children deaths under the age of 5 , which is a lot of children.
It’s important to look at the numbers before you make an investment in something because , you should know where and how your money will be used. Something I learned about organizations when looking at their tax returns is that the money donated to them isn’t always used efficiently. Some organizations use a lot of the money donated to pay for management and maintenance rather than for the actual cause .

MSP Blog, Final

I learned that you must work extremely hard in order to achieve what you want to achieve. I learned that you must never take no for an answer. To never give up.

My Expierence From MSP

My experience with MSP was great i really learned allot from this program from finding solutions to problems world wide or in my community, to being able to analyzing 990’s. one of the best part of this program was to research a charity and contact them 1 on 1 on the phone and follow up on them to stay in contact. it was even greater when we all got on to a bus and went around San Diego and our groups giving money to the charities they chose. MSP has changed me and from now on I am going to be on the look out for the charities around my community and contribute to them either by donating or offering my time to help, MSP is an amazing program.

MSP Blog: “What I Learned”

So what I learned throughout the last 7-8 weeks is nothing really but if you want the “real” responce, I learned how to cooperate with the students that I was assigned with, and how raise money even though we didn’t do that part so all four of us just chipped in ten dollars but only raise to up thirty-six dollars.
Second: What I will be taking from this and appling to my future is again nothing. I’ll be more cautious about how much food scraps that are left after I eat (I always eat all my food) because their are children in Afica, orphanages, and in other parts of the world who don’t get to eat the same way that I eat.

final post

The things I learned in this Msp program proved to be very amazing because we were taught to donate money for nothing in return and this was actually an important life lesson because it made me become more kind hearted and giving. I also learned how to manage money better and deal with business. I also learned to become a more organized student to blossom into a philanthropist but this was not easy because I had to constantly call organizations and be persistent while reviewing 990 forms. As for the future I plan on becoming more of an organized individual with good intentions. More things I’m going to apply for the future are becoming more determined to achieve goals and be ready to deal with certain tasks.

MSP Experience Blog #5

With the experience that I have gained from learning how this program works, makes me feel awesome. I was able to help out the community and learned new techniques that involved how to raise money, and.give it wisely to charities. I will apply this to my life by helping out organizations that deal with either animal or environmental care. MSP has opened my eyes to a new way of help my community and it makes me a better feel as if I am a better person.

last blog post

In main street philanthropy I learned that it takes determination and motivation.You also have to have confidence in yourself when calling the charity.It also is hard to cordinate with your team to do the funraiser.I’m going to apply what I learned about cancer research and msp to my life by always helping out legitament funraisers.

Final Blog: What I learned

During the short time period that we had Ryan we really grew as not only students but as philanthropists. During MSP I learned things that an average high school student wouldn’t know to do. I learned to read, understand, and calculate a 990 tax form, I also experienced calling and speaking to a board member of a local non-profit organization. I then had the chance to physically go to three of those many charity’s and donate more than hundreds of dollars. I plan on using these skills I have obtained in my everyday life when calling a local store or restarting asking for a job interview and I can also use the reading and understanding a 990 when looking up charities later on in my life when I consider donating money of my own.