Blog #5

What I learned in MSP is that when you make fundraisers its more convincing that the person would buy the product if you put a friendly face instead a direct one. I still need to work on that, hopefully I would learn to master a friendly face by the time I start fundraising for the fundraising team in the AOB. I also learned when you are fundraising it helps if you let the public know what you are fundraising for  intense I didn’t let people know what i was fundraising for when i was selling candy in the trolley but then one person asked “what are you going to do with the money?” then I said “It’s part of an assignment for school of choosing a charity of your choice and I choice child abuse” then the person that I was talking suddenly gives me a couple dollars then I start to reach into the bag for more candy put the person said “Don’t worry about it, Its alright “. And that’s what What I learned In MSP.

Blog #4

My experience with calling the charities is a bit nervous and I sometimes choked on my words but when i started to calm myself down I realized i was get nervous over nothing. Its a nice experience of calling the charities because get to know what you are getting into instead of helping the organization you were expecting to help out but instead you helped out an organization that was totally different as it turn out to be. MSP is impacting me on my perspective by the organizations because back then I didn’t care much about other peoples issues and MSP is making me realize that there is a piece of me by making me motivate of helping others in need.


blog #2

My closest people I hang out with reactions are usually is a good job that’s what my mom did and my brothers reaction is i don’t care kind of thing and my best friend reactions is that unusual in a classroom and that’s all I have for this post.



I remember Daisy showed me her brown paper bag about she had a bad-aid and it represented that she like to heal other people. She also showed me that she had a picture of her and her other sibling’s when they were little and it represented that there always together as a family. And sadly I couldn’t get to the other members of the group because I had to do the MAD cards.


Our group is planning to sell candy, I would plan to sell my candy bag in the trolley because since I ride the city bus it would be an advantage of me selling it especially in a cheap price.


The 3 responses of we told from the MLP was that my brother thinks im helping a good cause and he supports of what i’m doing in the organization. My father’s response was a surprising for him because he is not used to of seeing me being part of the organization then he remembered that its just a class project and suddenly he didn’t care. And the final response was my best friend Ana, she suggested advise of how should I talk I the phone because supposevly I sound mean, then we practice most of the day.


final blog

We learned it’s hard to choose one cause to donate to out of the many possible causes and that donating money is a good thing to do, but it’s also good to know how it’s going to be used by organizations.We will apply what we have learned in to our live by recycling, saving water and having a clean ecosystem.

#5 final blog

I learned many new things through the msp. One of the major things i learned was that something that doesn’t mean much to you, means everything someone else. During our fundraiser we had a lady come up to us and ask what we were fundraising for, we let her know that all the funds went to becky’s house, which is a house that shelters families who have suffered through domestic violence. She really appreciated the fact that we were doing a fundraiser to help families who have suffered through domestic violence. She let us know that she was a victim herself of domestic violence and she was really grateful for what we were doing. At that moment i realize that the little things we do can mean soo much to someone else. I also learned that helping others isn’t hard at all and it feels really good to help others in need.

Final blog daisy c

What I learned of the main street philantropy is what are taxes for ,what are they used on,How to look up 990 nonprofit organizations forms. what this made me understand is that no one  can make a difference by themselves we need a group of people to make that differences, also I learned how to know if the organization I chose give a good percent of my Donation to the people or they kept most of it.This well help me in the future by taking better look at organizations and charites This experiance is beneficial it help me know how to fundraise a great amout of money in a short time.

Final Blog

I from the last two slides I learned how to analyze taxes, and how to choose the right organization to donate your money and hard work to. I also learned so many facts on other peoples subjects. Even on my own subject i learned a lot of fact on animals. For the future I will look into more organizations and on their cause  and more into their 990’s which is another thing that I learned how to analyze during this whole project.

Blog # 3

  1. What  is your team’s purpose ,vision & mission (action steps) statement


Our team’s purpose is to save our community by supporting kids who have been abused.

Example of our vision: kids would be happy,in safe environment. There would also be more communication towards abuse.


  1. What is the 1 organization that you personally are going to call? why did you select them to evaluate?

I am going personally call the joyful heart foundation because their motivation from the website is similar to our’s “The strengths-based approach of this campaign emphasizes that all of us—parents, caregivers and bystanders in the community—can play a part in creating a positive and healthy environment for Hawai‘i’s children and families as One Strong ‘Ohana (family) through simple ways that build support, community and connections among one another.


#5 dude


I learned a lot especially that my personal girl came to the class and explained a lot she showed us a lot of things and told us how to be more efficient and how to protect the world by not littering and preserving the environment too many animals and plants are dying she showed us a jar of a bunch of things that a bird had swallowed and it really showed me how they really do eat our trash and they cant really do anything about it sometimes it only takes a little to change the world cause if every one does a little then that would be a huge example for example if every one turned there electricity for a day we would save so much money but just in general i think we learned lots of things that could help a lot of people.