Brooklyn Gliniecki-Weeks 9 & 10

During the field trip, I felt like I was making a difference by donating to these charities. One thing I will remember from it is seeing the wall of pictures of kids that have stayed at the RMHC. One thing I found valuable about the Main Street Philanthropy program was that everyone in the class had to donate some amount of money, which makes a big difference in the community since everyone donated.

Preslie Wondra – Week 9

A. My heart feels very happy to be able to be doing this for other people. Best part about it is that we’re not only giving to people, we’re giving to the world as well and that’s great to me.

B. I’ll remember the most about today how we thought of the amount we’re giving away to each of the charities we’ve decided to donate to.

Week 9-10 Laci Lindsley

We decided to donate to four different charities. I was happy that we were able to make a lot of money so we could donate many charities. Today was a good learning experience because we got to compare organizations. The field trip was a good learning experience because we got to see how the organizations worked. I will remember the Ronald McDonald house the most because it was interesting to see all the rooms and kitchen areas they use. Main Street Philanthropy was a very valuable because it taught me good lessons on how to donate, looks at 990s, and it helped me find out what I truly care about.

Kaylee Petersen-Week 9&10

We didn’t deliver the checks yet but it felt very good once we finally decided how much money we want to give to each of the charities. Filling out the papers helped keep our amounts to give away organized. I will always remember how important it is to look into an organization before giving them a bunch of money. From the field trip I was most impacted by the Ronald McDonald House. It was very interesting seeing how much work has to be put into making food for all of them and just making them feel at home. Seeing the picture wall of some a their past patients was very touching to me. I learned about many charities that I didn’t know existed. I’m very happy with my groups accomplishments and how we helped the community.

Delaney- Week 9&10

I felt very good at every location and organization we visited because three of the organizations that we visited we got to donate to. The most important thing I will remember about this trip is seeing how passionate and caring all of the volunteers, owners, and employees of these organizations were while they told us about what they do and what their missions are. I found many things valuable about this Main Street Philanthropy program. However, what I found most valuable about this entire experience is that donating to a charity or organization you truly stand behind can and will make you feel very good because it gives you some type of confirmation that you are helping the world in a positive way, even if it is just a small act.

Cheyenne Sachen-Week 9&10

It made me feel very good to figure out how much money we were giving to, and to which organizations we were donating to. I will remember how thankful the people are, and how awesome it was to see their organization in business on the field trip. I learned a lot of things, and found many things valuable about Main Street Philanthropy. Some things I found valuable are the things we are doing for organizations, and how thankful they are for us.

Samara Kreuser – Week 8

a. I thought that the second round of panels went very well. I also found that I had more concern or shared more interest with some of the organizations that were shared with us this week than I had the last.

b. I did not have the interview done for this weeks class, but I did get it done a few days later. I learned that there was definitely a lot more going on in my grandpa’s life than I had ever truly realized. I knew that he donated to different charities before, but there was a lot more than I had ever known about.

c. I think my group is almost ready, but would like to wait to submit our final funding decisions until after the field trip.

Week 9 Bret Scannell

A- What I will remember about main street philanthropy is how hard working I am and how to continue helping people.

B- And in the future I am going to continue helping people and giving to those in need whenever I can.

Samara Kreuser – Week 7

a. My overall giving experience is going great! I think that in the beginning it was a little difficult to get started on it because we were put into groups with different people that most of us probably wouldn’t have thought shared the same main causes with. As it has progressed i feel my group and I have actually worked pretty well together and it has become easier to evaluate this process now.

b. I think my group is almost ready to make our final decisions. As of right now we have down two different non-profit organizations that we want to give to, but I think we will wait until after the field trip to make our final answer, because I have a feeling that we made add a few more organizations to our list.

Kylie Hermann- week 8

A. My team decided who to give to by looking at their taxes and how excited they seemed to be about their organization. We determined the amounts allocated by how much we made on our fundraiser.

B. Working in a group environment, for me, has actually been pretty easy. We haven’t disagreed about anything yet and all decisions have been made fairly and as a group.

C. For the field trip I expect all the people we visit to be kind and helpful

D. I talked to my mom for the interview and I learned a lot of things about her I didn’t know before. She donates to two charities, a small donation but still a donation. She also has an attachment to those two charities which I never knew about her life and how much those things impacted her.