Lucas Gierach 9/10

  1. I felt the field trip was very impactful and exciting. I learned a lot about how the organizations we looked into operate and how important they are to the people that they affect. I felt really moved to go out and help in the world and try to make a positive change in others life. I will always remember how much good there is in the world that overlooks the bad things that happen.
  2. Throughout the process of mainstreet philanthropy I learned how to evaluate a business and what to look into. This will be very valuable in the future if I continue to invest into nonprofit companies or other investments in general. I also found valuable the communication skills learned. Being able to call places and talk to people in person made me more confident in public speaking. Another thing I learned was how to work better in a group. We were paired with people we wouldn’t usually choose and that challenged us to make things work in a new situation. This was very helpful and will help with future group work. Mainstreet philanthropy taught me a lot and will be a big part of my future.

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