Maddie Ferguson Week 9/10

The field trip was a really great experience. Although we made many stops along the way it was a very great day. My favorite place to stop was the Ronald McDonald house. The house was such a warm and welcoming place with so many things going on. Although many families have to go through many difficult things during the time they are staying there the home is a comforting and open place for them to stay. There was many valuable lessons in disguise throughout Main Street Philanthropy. The program pushed me outside of comfort zones. This program opened my eyes to many things that are going on in my community that I may have not been sure of before.

Week 9/10-Erica Fryman

I feel like this was an eye-opening experience, that exposed me to the world of charity. The two places that were the most impactful for me were The Camo Quilt Project and The Ronald McDonald House while at these locations I felt like they were speaking to my heart, I felt as if I should have been helping them. I will remember how meaningful but yet fun each place was. Overall, I enjoyed going to all of the locations, and they were all very educational and interesting. Throughout this whole experience, I realized how much a few people can accomplish if they work together. I am extremely grateful I was presented the opportunity to be a part of Main St Philanthropy. 

Julie Baumhardt Week 9

The field trip really was a big part in this whole process. It really let us see the organizations and what they are about. My group even added an organization to donate to after visiting that certain one and being so hugely impacted by what they do and their vision, mission, and purpose. Something I will not forget is how passionate everyone was about their organization and it was very motivating when we see them like that towards their organizations. I found Main Street Philanthropy to be an eye opener. I had never realized how many organizations, big and small, were out there and how impactful they are, no matter what the size is. It made me more aware of donating and what it goes towards and feel good getting to donate to these organizations.

Week 9/10-Crystal

  1. I felt excited to be finally be able to go see the organizations in person and something that I will remember and saw from going to each organization is that everyone had a very strong belief in what they were doing and without having that I don’t think they would be getting as far as they were getting.
  2. Main street was a very valuable I think it’s so nice that schools are doing this, because it gets kids started early and they can continue as they get older, because they got to learn about Main Street Philanthropy because before this I didn’t know anything about this or that it existed.

Lucas Gierach 9/10

  1. I felt the field trip was very impactful and exciting. I learned a lot about how the organizations we looked into operate and how important they are to the people that they affect. I felt really moved to go out and help in the world and try to make a positive change in others life. I will always remember how much good there is in the world that overlooks the bad things that happen.
  2. Throughout the process of mainstreet philanthropy I learned how to evaluate a business and what to look into. This will be very valuable in the future if I continue to invest into nonprofit companies or other investments in general. I also found valuable the communication skills learned. Being able to call places and talk to people in person made me more confident in public speaking. Another thing I learned was how to work better in a group. We were paired with people we wouldn’t usually choose and that challenged us to make things work in a new situation. This was very helpful and will help with future group work. Mainstreet philanthropy taught me a lot and will be a big part of my future.

megan jandre-week 9/10

I feel really inspired through this experience because it opened my eyes to some of the areas that need help in the world and how we can make an impact. Going to the Ronald McDonald house impacted me most, and I thought it was amazing how friendly and caring the volunteers were and how they make their building homey and comfortable for all families and patients to show them that they care, and that’s something I will remember most. Through Main Street Philanthropy, I learned that through giving, you actually gain. It feels good giving and it’s a reward in itself to see the happy faces of those you’re helping, and throgh this experience I think it opened all of our eyes to how it feels to help others and will encourage us to give more in the future.

week 9/10-kylie hermann

  1. I liked the field trip and enjoyed the experience. The field trip was fun and i’ll remember all the places we visited and the good they did and are doing in our communities.
  2. Main street philanthropy taught me that everyone goes through struggles and it’s how we help and what we do to make a difference that really matters.

Mikey Blog 9/10

  1. the field trip gave me a really warm feeling in my heart seeing how all the charity’s really work. Ill definitely remember the Ronald McDonald house that place was like no other. Its really cool that a place like that exists
  2. I learned whats actually behind the charities and the people involved in charities are people who actually care.

Blog 10-Natalie hettwer

  1. I liked seeing all the different charities and how impactful they are in our communities. I learned that my mom stayed in the Ronald McDonald house when my brother was in the hospital which was pretty cool and impactful.
  2. I learned that there are people everywhere wanting to help others. No matter what kind of situation someone is in people are always willing to help. I will definitely always look for charities to help out in the future!

Brooke Flitter- Week 9&10

I felt good knowing that I was helping out a charity that does amazing things for others. It’s a warm and positive feeling that I will cherish. I will remember all the charities that were donated to and the speeches we gave about MSP. I will also remember what I’ve learned about myself and about charities along the way. This program will teach me life skills in the future and help me prepare for helping others. I think MSP will influence my future decisions because I enjoy giving to those in need and helping good causes. I will put on applications that I have completed MSP and it’s something that not a lot of students get to do so I’m thankful that I got the experience.