Kylie Hermann- week 6

A. I learned from the panel that most non-profits need more volunteers and help with their organizations. I think I will try being more positive with my project and try to have more fun with it,

B. From my fundraising experience, I have learned that it takes a lot of time and patience. It also takes a lot of communication and planning.

Julie Baumhardt-Week 8

We decided on the organizations that really spoke to us during the panels and met our quantitative and quantitative standards. We chose the organization we invited that’s mission is to give food to the hungry called Loaves and Fishes. We also are thinking of donating to The Honor Flight and The Shining Stars dance team. We haven’t quite finished fundraising yet, but the amounts being divided to the three organizations will probably be somewhat equal. The group environment has its ups and downs. It is nice when we have ideas to bounce off of each other and have extra help from one another, but it is not as efficient when we have disagreements with one another. Over all though, we agree on most of our decisions we make pretty easily. Disagreements usually are compromised easily. For the field trip, I am expecting to maybe want to donate to more of the places we visit or donate more to certain ones we chose of those that we are visiting. I interviewed my mom and found out that she donates to a charity about every three months and I would have never known that if I did not ask.

Cheyenne Sachen-Week 8

My team decided on which organizations that best fit our investment by looking at their purpose, mission and vision. We also decided by who came in for the panel discussions. We are just splitting our profit in half 3 ways for each organization. I really like working in a group environment, and I find it easy. My group is in an agreement on decisions being made right now. I expect to find out more about the organizations we visit on our field trip. I interviewed my mom and I found out that she donates to my church every month.

Laci Lindsley- Week 8

We decided which organizations would be best to invest in by looking at their quantitative and qualitative perspectives. We decided that we were going to donate to three charities. We are going to divide the money equally because they are all good charities. I am fortunate to have a group where everyone gets along and agrees to work and decisions. This made the group activity fairly easy. I feel the field trip is going to be a great experience and it will make me appreciate what I have more than I do now. I interviewed my mom in the past week. I learned many things from this experience one including that she supports charities as well. She is a nurse so she supports things like relay for life and the American Heart Association. She makes a difference by listening to patients who don’t have a family or anyone who really cares for them.

Mikey Taylor week 8

a. We haven’t decided which organization to donate too bu we have narrowed some down. We narrowed them down based on how good there statements were during the panels and how they spend their money. We will probably donate our money half and half

b. My experience working in a group environment has been great so far. I feel that its way easier to work in a group rather than alone its a lot better with more brains than just one brain. Our group has been all agreements so far.

c. On the field trip I hope i get too see the other sides of charities.

D. I Interviewed my fellow classmate Lucas. I learned that he goes on mission trips an denjoys the thrill he gets from them

Week #8-Crystal

My group and I choose to do River edge, we feel it aligns greatly because it’s about protecting animals and our groups organization is about animal care. She really stuck out for us there, because when she spoke you could really tell she had a heart for animal rights she meant and knew what she was talking about. We also chose to put down “make a wish” as another organization we would like to donate too. We decided this because we watched a very inspirational video about there organization, and it just really made us want to donate to them as well.

What influenced me was just my love for animals and how much I care for them. I’ve always been around animals ever sense a little girl so growing up I’ve always wanted to do a job with animals. What influenced me and my group to choose “make a wish” was how great they are to do something so out going for kids. And if it wasn’t for make a wish the kids probably would have never had the chance to do anything like that.

I hope we can earn quite a bit of money to make a change for these organizations, because I feel like they really deserve it, but I know any little bit makes some sort of change, and our effort is what counts.

Our organization’s quantitative was high, and they did good with not having to pay volunteers. There qualitative was very good as well, because they already have a plan for the future, and what will happen with pine view or what they plan to have happen.

Week 8 Bret

Preslie Wondra – Week 8

A. We chose the charities who most spoke out to us and interested us more which are River Edge, Lac Lawran, and Pine View. We have yet to have a final decision of what money we’re distributing to the three charities we chose so far.

B. I think my group is easy to work with. We always agree on our decisions, it always seems to be a mutual decision making process each time we were planning out fundraising and everything.

C. I hope to see some hands-on experience at the field trips and hoping to actually see the impact the charities are making for their purpose.

D. I interviewed Mr. Seidl. I learned that him going to college put a really big impact on his life because it taught him some cultural diversity that he normally wouldn’t see. Without him going to college he definitely wouldn’t be my chorus teacher from the past five years. 

Brooke Flitter- Week 8

My team had an easy time deciding because we only picked one organization and they really stuck out to us. My experience has been very positive working with my group and it has made me discover some things about myself and others that I did not know before. I’m finding it easy and my group has been agreeing on decisions so we don’t have an disagreements to handle. I expect to find out a lot of information for the organizations that we choose to visit during the field trip. I interviewed my mom and I learned that she donates to charities such a Alzheimer’s, Brest Cancer, and our church during the holidays.

Delaney Dickman- Week 8

We mainly focused on what each spokesperson had to say about their organization that they represented at the panel, and that’s how we decided which charities are best for our investment. We are planning to give 100% of the profit to the charity we choose. I personally enjoy working in a group because we can bounce ideas off of each other and it’s easier to accomplish things in this format. Our group is very easy with decisions being made. For the field trip, I hope to get clarity and more knowledge on the charities we are going to visit and help me make a more educated decision. I chose my mom to interview and got to recognize how passionate she is about her job and very educated in her department, and I also learned that she is very giving and gives to many charities.