kylie lepage week 9/10

The field trip was an amazing experience. We got to see 3 different charities that different groups were interested. It was great to see the organizations function in real life and how they really operate rather than through research and asking questions. Visiting the charities made me even more interested because I got to see who was affected and the personal stories.

Overall, Mainstreet Philanthropy helped make me a better person. I learned that there are so many people and organizations in need and that I am very fortunate to have what I have. I want to give time to helping organizations that mean a lot to me and I plan on doing it when I can. I also learned how to determine quality and qualitative aspects of charities which, really, can come in handy when looking into anything for investing. Mainstreet Philanthropy was a positive learning experience that gave me a better outlook on life and overall was very worth participating in.

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