Alexis week 9/10

The field trip on Friday affected me more than I thought it was going to. The Ronald McDonald House was my favorite out of the three places we went, and I can’t even put what I felt during that trip into words. It was the most magical place I have ever seen. I have never wanted to volunteer somewhere so bad and I definitely plan on volunteering even as a teenager now, and in the future. I loved the turtle exhibit at Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and the personal stories that some of the women at Mahala’s Hope shared were extremely touching.

Overall, Mainstreet has given me the feeling of what it’s like to give back to the people who do so much for others, and I will never forget that feeling. This program changed me as a person, and I want to do more for the world and give back. I would do this program 100 times again. I had so much fun, but I would definitely do things differently. I cannot wait until I start to volunteer more.

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