McKenna Thompson Week #9 Blog

My field trip experience was great and I thought every charity we saw (Pine View, Ronald McDonald House, Mahala’s Hope) were very interesting to see and learn about and we’re all doing great things for the community. I was especially amazed with the Ronald McDonald House, I had no idea how huge the place was and how many cool things it had like the garden, game room, and gym. It really felt like a home for those who needed one and that made me really happy. I also loved seeing all the wild animals you wouldn’t normally see day to day and the stories of the past addict’s at mahala’s hope were really inspiring and I appreciated that they were willing to share.

This experience as a whole has made me realize how good it can feel to give to other people and has made me more comfortable in a group setting. I loved doing the fundraising experience because I knew all our hard work would be going to a great cause. I think I’ll be more open to doing things to help other people in the future and it has overall made me a better person.

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