McKenna Thompson Blog Week #8

My group decided to donate to two charities; Mahalas hope and Big Brother Big Sister. Picking our charities was actually really easy for my group. We had all agreed that we were passionate about helping families and these two charities correlate with that. Listening to our groups at the panel discussion helped persuade us in the right direction and after hearing how dedicated the people of these charities were and all the good things they have done for the community we all agreed these charities were more than worthy candidates.

Working in a group was a pretty good experience. It was difficult getting things organized that worked with everyone’s schedule but in the end it worked out and our fundraiser went great. When everyone in the group contributed, everything ran really smoothly and everyone had their own specific jobs. It taught me that even if you don’t usually talk to certain people you can still find things to bond about in this case the charities we were interested in.

Next week, I’m excited about our field trip. It will be really interesting to be able to see the places we’ve spent so much time collecting money to donate to and the way they run their organizations. It’ll be a really fun hands on experience rather than just simply reading up on the charities or just hearing the board members speak about them.

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