Week 8 (Dalissia)

For our group we decided which organization was best by hearing what they had to say, we really liked how they explained their organization and what they do for other people too. We wanted to split it between 2 different ways because we wanted to donate to 2 different charities. We were trying to raise more so we can make a even split between both charities that we wanted to do, but overall we had so much fun doing the fundraiser that we wanted to keep going. My experience with working with my group was that it can be easy when you are working together, if you are not all thinking the small and not on the same page it can be hard. I believe we all enjoy working together with each other and we all had the same thoughts about stuff that we discussed. We haven’t had any disagreements about anything we were good with working with each other and the decisions that we talked about we all wanted to make sure that everyone was ok with what was said first before we made the final decision. I expect that the field trip that everyone is going on will be a good experience and being able to see how all the organizations handle the environment and what they have to do for the others they are taking care of others. The students will be able to see what the organizations do and they can be even more interested on their charity. Im very happy with how my group handle our fundraiser and we did good as a whole.

Liz Sabish Blog#8

My team decided on which organizations to donate to by looking at the ones that were most cooperative and the ones that we were most interedsted in. We decided to split up the amount of money we raised. We raised $429.10 just by asking friends and families for donations. We would like to donate to Pine View, Honor Flight, and make somewhat of a donation to Main Street Philanthropy.

My experience has been fun. Most of the people in my group i usually dont talk to and have never worked with them before. It has been pretty easy to get along and decide what we all want to do.

Next week i just hope to have an open mind and learn some new things about the places that we’re gonna visit. Im excited to see what opportunities they have to offer.

week 8

My group didn’t make as mush as we wanted and that had a impact on who we picked to donate to. Because of that we are only donating to one charity and that is the Ronald MacDonald House. Another reason we picked them is because they got back to us right away. They had good answers to the questions and didn’t stop responding like the other charity did. We made 100 dollars and were giving them the whole 100.

Our group was very good. We worked together very well and there was not arguing what so ever. We all got along and got done what we needed to get done. All of us put in some kind of time for selling our protein balls. The whole group was in agreement on decisions being made.

Next week I expect it to be fun and a great opportunity to visit these charity’s.

week 8

  • My team decided on which organization is best by the quantity and quality and thought the people who talked seemed very good about their organizations. We determined the amounts by giving half and half to two organizations.
  • I find its easy because the group I work with seems to enjoy the same things I do in helping animals. We are in agreement on all decisions made.
  • I expect next week to be very fun and a great learning experience by taking field trips to the organizations.

Week 8

We looked at which organizations related closest to our causes. We are pretty sure we are going to give the biggest amount of our donations to the charity that we liked the most and related most to our cause. Working in a group environment has been great. We’ve all gotten to know each other while working together and no one is afraid to share ideas. I find it easy to work with my group because we all are passionate about what our goal is. We agreed on how we set up our fundraiser and switched it around if we thought someone had a better idea. We had some different ideas on how we were going to run our fundraiser but in the end we used the ideas we thought would help the fundraiser the most. Next week I think we will make a decision about who we all want to donate to. I think it will be fun to see how all the different organizations are run and what their facilities look like.

weeks 6 and 7

week 6- I learned from the panels that its very interesting in what they do and I would love to help out at all the organizations. I am learning about a lot of new charity’s and a lot of new opportunities to help those in need

week 7- my experience with fundraiser has been easy because I learned that a lot of people want to help out people in need.

Yes, my group is ready to make our final decision

Maddie Week 8 Blog

We just went off of their mission, vision, and purpose and compared ours to theirs and that determined what organizations we wanted to donate to. We haven’t figured out how much we are gonna give each charity yet since we are not done collecting donations, but I think we are going to split it evenly or give Pine View a little more since a lot of groups are giving to Honor Flight.

Working in a group environment has went really well. I think it is easy especially because we all wanted to give to the same cause. Our whole group is on board with our decisions we have been making and with next week i’m really excited to be able to tour the charities that interest me. I expect to learn more about them when I actually get to see what goes on.

Week 6 & 7 Michaela Thelen

I was really impressed with the panel discussion. I thought it was cool that every organization that came to talk to us was so passionate about what they did. After listening to them I think that I will be more grateful for everything I have, and not be so worried about everything. I learned from my fundraising experience that there is always something or somebody to help in the world

My overall giving experience hasn’t been all that difficult. I think that it is a lot of fun and I would like to do more things like this in the future. Our group has not made a final decision on which charity we will be donating to yet but I am sure we will figure it out soon.

kylie lepage 6&7

From the panel, I learned that each person who was part of an organization seemed truly passionate and ready to tell everyone about the cause. After listening to them, I will consider how they feel and how the charity affects their life and how much it means to them. I will also use this in my own life in the way that I want to achieve the level of passion each speaker had towards goals I have and use it to help motivate me.

From my fundraising experience, I am learning that fundraising takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. You have to be consistent and devote lots of time towards the project to achieve the final goal. Fundraising is not easy and I have learned from it that people who work on it on a daily basis deserve respect and recognition.

From the overall giving experience, I am learning to be a better person in general who is willing to help others. I learned that its enjoyable and you feel a sense of satisfaction from it. It has been difficult trying to make all the plans work and get everything together in a coordinated matter. For the most part, my group is ready to make a final decision; we are pretty sure of the top 2 charities we are interested in.

Interviewing a family member helped me learn little facts I didnt necessarily know the details of about my mother and we got to talk about it. She was able to share experiences with me that I am grateful I got to hear.

Gracie’s blog 6&7

I learned from a panel of non-profit leaders that you have to work really hard and you don’t even get paid, but you do what makes you happy. I think we’ll still stick to what we are doing. I am learning it takes a lot of work and effort to pull off a fundraiser.

I am learning that overall my giving experience has made me really happy to know it will go to someone who needs it more then I do. I think our group is ready to make our final decisions.