Week 5

I am learning about where funds truly go to in the charities. I personally see more value in the quality part. Money is not the only thing that matters, just spending time with the sick kids and making them laugh is the best thing for them. I found it was very easy to evaluate the organization I have (MACC) just because they are larger and better known so they have to have more information. I truly have fallen in love with everything this charity has accomplished.

I had contacted Mahala’s Hope. They are an organization in Eden, Wisconsin. When I contacted them they contacted me back right away. They sounded like they were very interested in learning more about us and coming to talk to us about there organization. It is important to look at the there tax returns because you want to make sure that they are a fully nonprofit organization.

Week 4

When I caed my charity they never got back to me. I also couldnt find the 990 form for them, so I did my quantitative analysis on Spierings Cancer Foundation.

It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because you don’t want to pick a charity that isn’t doing well for itself. When I looked at Spiering’s tax return they scored a 10.

Week 4

A. I didn’t really learn much about my charity, I called them twice and emailed them. And also left a voicemail. I still have not heard anything back.

B. It is important to look back to see how creditable they are. For my tax returns I could not find it. So I choose a different organization to look up and they are doing really good.

Week 4 Melissa

I called my charity and never got an answer but I’m still waiting for a call back. I may email them in the next few days incase they forgot to call back. I learned they use all the money towards helps retired veteran dogs and they don’t pay the people that run the charity.

It is important to look at those numbers to see how credible the organization is. My charity got a 14/15 which is a very good score so they are definitely a credible charity.

Maddie Week 4

My charity still hasn’t called me back so I haven’t learned anything about them yet. I don’t know their email so I wasn’t able to email them and I left them my number to call back but they still haven’t.

It is important to look at their numbers before making an investment so you know how credible they are. When looking at my organization I learned that they have very good numbers and are overall very credible.

Week 4

When I called my charity, the lady I spoke to was very nice and seemed interested in what we are doing. I couldn’t find the IRS forms for that charity so I emailed them about those numbers and I haven’t gotten an email back. However, I looked at the IRS form for a different charity called Door Cancer, and they scored a 13/15 once I added their numbers up which is really good. I think it would be a good charity to work with if we decide to do so.

It is important to look at the number of the charities and how their quantitative analysis adds up because then you will know how good of a charity they are. Depending on how they score, you will know if they keep a lot of their donations, make a lot of money, and if they are truthful in actually helping who they say they are helping.

Week 3

Our purpose is to help raise money for cancer research. My group will be doing a fundraiser where we ask teachers if they would shave their head for our cause. We would put different envelopes with the names of the teachers who say yes into different classrooms. In these envelopes, kids can put money and donations into whichever envelope they choose. The teacher whose name is on the envelope with the most money will shave their head. I called Children’s Cancer Family Foundation and the lady who answered was very nice and I think was very interested in what we are doing.

Madilyn D week 4

I learned that my organization doesn’t like to call me back ever. They didn’t leave an email on the page so couldn’t email them after I left a voicemail.I left a voicemail saying what I was doing and how they could call me back but they never did.

It is important to look at the numbers because you are able to see how much money they have spent on the organization and if they have gotten any donations to see if it is real. I couldn’t find my organizations 990 so I went under a different one called No Stomach for Cancer and I learned that they are doing really good.

Shayley week 4

I learned that the shining stars have very good program ratio and management ratio. The fundraising ratio, cost to raise $1 and Sustainability are not very good, but they are pretty new organization. It is important to look at the numbers because you want to know where your money is going for the organization. I learned that my money will go to a good cause for good things not to pay employees. Also that the sustainability is not very good but I have trust in this local organization.