Week 8,9 &10-Karina

A. Our team decided on which organization is best for our investment, by knowing how much we have and willing on how much we think we want t give to each charity. It was mostly a group decision. B. Our group works really well together, we don’t really disagree on things because we are all in agreement on most of the option. If someone brings up a new idea and we don’t think it is a good idea. We let them know its not a good idea and try to fix it to match something similar to what they had in mind. C. Next week we expect to have at least what charities we plan on giving to for sure, after seeing the places in person on our trip.

A. We did not hand out checks yet, but I will feel really happy that I am giving to a charity that our group thought was a organization that might need it. B. What I will remember is how happy they will be when we hand them the money for their organization and that kids like us in High School are going this cool stuff.

A. I will remember most about Main Street Philanthropy is that there are organizations that are willing to share what there organization does and how much it can help people. B. Impact how I might give in the future, I feel ever sense we went to the places to visit, I feel that it shows that there are places out there that need our help. Examples are such as volunteering is a big one and I feel that the organizations might like us to help. C. I feel like it will influence my future decision because I will know now for example when I go to McDonalds’s that the change actually goes to the Ronald McDonald House. D. I feel that in a job application or even school application it shows that you did something that no other school around us really does and I feel MSP really opens that gates to different opportunities.

Week 6&7

Learned that each charity uses the money in different things. Some of the responses really did surprise me and some I was like I could see that. Our group is still debating on what other group we want to do, but as of right now we have for sure on chose so far. Learning from our fundraising is that many people ask me what is this Main Street Philanthropy and why are u donating money. Just questions like that, but at the end of all there questions and me answering them they really think this is a cool idea. Last weeks panel stuck out to me is the people that came in really have a patine for what there charity’s do in helping others. Challenges mostly is trying to figure out what charity’s we want to donate to. Over coming this challenge by talking about what the options are and agreeing on them.

Week 5

A. There are 2 ways Quantitative & Qualitative because calling and trying to communicate with different organizations. To see if they are worth the time and money to donate to them

B. Harder because I tried to call my person and I never heard a call back. So that is why it is harder, because we don’t have any info on the charity.

Week 4

A. I didn’t really learn much about my charity, I called them twice and emailed them. And also left a voicemail. I still have not heard anything back.

B. It is important to look back to see how creditable they are. For my tax returns I could not find it. So I choose a different organization to look up and they are doing really good.

Week 3

A. Our purpose statement is to help people in need, our vision statement is giving people the opportunity to feel better and our Mission statement was to see dirt cups and such. These are important because groups need to have a plan on what they are going to do and our goal.

B. Reacting out to the organizations was hard but I did it. I called Big Brothers and Big Sisters and I called and left a voicemail and have not heard anything back.

Week 2

A. Learned from the paper bag is that each person have different items that mean something to them.

B. Planning on helping kids and selling dirt cups during the school day.

Week 1

A. I learned from using the MAD cards that it was hard to only choose 6 of them. Because there are so many organizations that I never really thought about until now. Somethings I learned from my partner is that we both feel like different organizations and they mean different things to us.

B. I hope to learn that there are different organizations that need our help.