Gracie’s Blog #9/10

We went on a field trip to the Ronald McDonald house, Pineview rehab for animals and Mahala’s hope. It was really neat seeing how passionate and how much they love what they do. All together my favorite was the Ronald McDonald house because I have a passion for helping kids.

Overall Main Street Philanthropy was an amazing and neat experience. I learned that when I get out of high school I want to go into a career with helping other people.

Gracie’s Blog #9

We haven’t delivered checks to our organizations yet, but I know it’s going to make me really happy knowing it’s going to a good cause.

The thing that I will remember most is the field trip because of how passionate the organization were about there causes.

Gracie’s Blog #8

We decided that we wanted to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, Stars and Stripes Honor Flight and Big Brother Big Sister. We chose these charities because they look like they enjoy what they do. We decided to donate everything that we raised to the Ronald McDonald House and then split in half what is matched and give that to the other 2 charities. We wanted to give more to the Ronald McDonald House because our main cause was cancer.

My experience working in a group went really good. We all agreed on everything and it was an overall great experience.

Gracie’s Blog #6

I learned a lot from the panel discussion, I learned how committed they are to there organizations. I didn’t realize how much work it is running an organization. I think that we are going to stick exactly to what we were going to do before. I am learning that it is really time consuming and you have to put a lot of work into it.

Gracie’s Blog #5

It is very important to evaluate an investment in a company. You want to know how much money is going to the charity through quantitative. You also want to know how good a charity they are through qualitative. I think they are both important methods. I am finding it is difficult to evaluate my organization because there number got disconnected.

Gracie’s Blog #4

My charity I tried calling, there phone got discounted, so I think the charity closed down. So I looked at a different charity organization.

You don’t wanna make an investment to an organization that isn’t reliable and that might close down. When I looked at the tax returns they looked about average.

Gracie’s Blog #3

The purpose, vision, and mission statements are very important to this group because we are all wanting to raise money for cancer research.

I am expecting when reaching out to organizations this week, to learn about what they do at there charities.

Gracie’s Blog #2

I learned from the paper bag activity that everybody has things that means a lot to them and some people have similar things.

My team fundraiser is going to be raising money for cancer treatments and we are going to put jars at businesses.