Madi D week 5

This week I learned that there are two different ways to look at the company. There is qualitative and quantitative. I see more value in the qualitative so you know what all the company’s money and donations are going for.

It is a little difficult to evaluate the organizations because you cant really find anything out without talking to them over the phone and they never answer. When you can find things on them it is interesting to learn about all of the things they do and everything good.

Madilyn D week 4

I learned that my organization doesn’t like to call me back ever. They didn’t leave an email on the page so couldn’t email them after I left a voicemail.I left a voicemail saying what I was doing and how they could call me back but they never did.

It is important to look at the numbers because you are able to see how much money they have spent on the organization and if they have gotten any donations to see if it is real. I couldn’t find my organizations 990 so I went under a different one called No Stomach for Cancer and I learned that they are doing really good.

Madi D week 3

When creating our purpose, vision, and mission statement our purpose was to fund medical care. With that, we hope to donate money to cancer charities. My teams vision is to let the cancer patients know that we care about them. We have many missions to accomplish over the next weeks.

When I tried to call Superheros Fighting Cancer they did not answer. With that I then left a voicemail leaving my number so they are able to contact me. I was nervous when calling them. When we get a chance to talk I am hoping to learn more about the charity and see if we like the organization.

Madi D week 2

While doing the brown paper bag activity I learned objects that were important to all of my group members. I learned what everyone likes to do because they brought in like a gold medal or dance shoes.

For my groups fundraiser, we will be doing two different things. The first thing to raise money we will be doing shave a teachers head where if they get a certain amount of money we will get to shave their head. Then we will just be putting a jar in a company and they will just be able to put money in the jar when we say what it will go towards. The money we raise will be going to cancer research.

While using the MAD cards the experience was a little difficult because there were so many options that you wanted to keep but could only pick our top 3. I learned about myself that this was a really hard to try to do. There were so many different opportunities to help people many different people affected by different things.

I hoped to gain from taking Main Street Philanthropy the feeling of helping people. I also really like making people feel happy.