McKenna Thompson Blog #4

  1. I had to find a new organization than the one I contacted on the phone, but from my new organization I learned that this organization had a pretty good balance of their finances and had a high total revenue which was a good sign that they were a reliable charity. They are also a family charity, so they could be another option we could add to my groups list.
  2. It’s important to look at the numbers before making an investment so you don’t waste your money on an organization that isn’t reliable and won’t spend your money well. I learned that our organizations seemed pretty reliable and had a good set of finances.

McKenna Thompson Blog #3

  1. Making purpose, vision, and mission statements was a very helpful experience for my group. It assisted us in seeing what we we’re really passionate about and the goals we wanted to achieve in helping our charities. It showed us that we really wanted to bring our center of attention to helping families in need and the steps we wanted to take to do that.
  2. Making the phone call was something I was super scared to do but it ended up being not that bad. I talked to a nice woman from the charity Big Brother Big Sister, a charity helping families, and explained to her what main street philanthropy was. Then she transferred me to an executive and that part of the phone call went good too as she thinks she can make it to one of the days we are holding our charity event in class. It was a good learning experience.

McKenna Thompson Blog #2

  1. From the brown paper bag activity, I learned that every person has a different background and has unique experiences that shape their lives. I learned we also had a lot of things in common such as loving music and our pets.
  2. Our fundraiser will most likely be selling food and drink items at school such as iced coffee and puppy chow. Another option was also to have a bake sale during church hours in town. We will hold this in the next coming months we work on mainstreet philanthropy.
  3. The people I told about MainStreet Philanthropy didn’t know what it was at first but were very excited and interested about what we are doing once I explained everything to them.