Week 9-Michaela

I thought the field trip was really fun. On the field trip we got to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House, Mahala’s Hope, and Pine View Wildlife Rehab. My favorite out of these 3 was the Ronald McDonald House. I feel what they do for families is really amazing.

Mainstreet Philanthropy has taught me that giving back is such a great experience. The thing I will remember the most is working together as a group to raise money for people that need it more than we do. It was such a great experience that I will never forget.

Week 8- Michaela Thelen

After the panel discussions we decided that we wanted to donate to the Ronald McDonald House, Stars and Stripes Honor Flight and Big Brother Big Sister. We chose these charities because we all thought that what they did was really cool and they all seemed very passionate about what they did. We decided to donate everything that we raised to the Ronald McDonald House and then split in half what is matched and give that to the other 2 charities. We figured that we would give more to the Ronald McDonald House because our main cause was cancer.

My experience working in a group went really well. We all agreed on everything and it was an overall great experience.

week 5

I feel that evaluating organizations is easiest using the quantitative analysis method.

It can be difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations if you can’t find the 990 form.

Week 4

When I caed my charity they never got back to me. I also couldnt find the 990 form for them, so I did my quantitative analysis on Spierings Cancer Foundation.

It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because you don’t want to pick a charity that isn’t doing well for itself. When I looked at Spiering’s tax return they scored a 10.

Week 3

Creating our purpose, vision, and mission statements went very well. Our vision is to let cancer patients know that someone is there for them. Next, our purpose is to donate money to cancer charities. Finally, our mission is to serve our community by funding medical care.

When reaching out to the organization Hope Cancer Connection I feel that I will be really nervous. I think that I will have a good conversation with whomever I speak to. If no one answers I will try to reach out to them by email.

week 2

While doing the brown paper bag activity I learned that most of the people in my group like to travel.

Our team fundraiser is going to be “shave a teachers head”, we are also going to be collecting money by putting jars at different businesses. We aren’t sure when we will be doing these yet, but I am sure they will be very successful.


While using the MAD cards I found out that there are so many different organizations that help people. I learned about myself that it was hard for me to choose only 3 categories because there are so many good ones that it is hard to only choose 3. I learned that others in my class have similar interests in the categories.

I hope to learn a lot about different organizations and what they do while participating in Main Street Philanthropy.