Weeks 6/7 Maddie

I learned that they are really passionate in what they do and their jobs are like their life. One thing that surprised me is how much each of them impact the community around me and I never even knew. One thing I will do differently is I will always try and lift people up around me and encourage them to do something they are scared to do. One thing I am learning about the fundraising experience is how I am not the only on who is interested in this and I am getting a lot of help and support.

I feel like this is a cool experience and it has been easier than I thought. Also a lot more of my friends are interested in it that I thought. I don’t really know if my group is ready to make our final decision yet but we have good charities in mind.

Week 5 Maddie

We are looking at quantitative and qualitative as different ways to evaluate a company. I think quantitative is more important because it shows how the company is doing financially.

I think it is pretty easy. The organization I looked at had very big numbers and it showed that they would be able to survive 7 years if all donations and revenue were to cease.

Maddie Week 4

My charity still hasn’t called me back so I haven’t learned anything about them yet. I don’t know their email so I wasn’t able to email them and I left them my number to call back but they still haven’t.

It is important to look at their numbers before making an investment so you know how credible they are. When looking at my organization I learned that they have very good numbers and are overall very credible.

Maddie Week 3

When creating our purpose, vision, and mission statement our purpose was to help raise money for animals and vets. My team’s vision is to be able to help animals find a good home and vets find an animal to comfort them. With that, we have a lot to accomplish over the next few weeks.

When I called Pets for Vets Dan did not answer but I did leave him a voicemail. I also left him my number so I’m hoping he will reach out to me within the next few days. When we get a chance to talk I am hoping to learn more about the charity and see what they actually do.

While doing the brown paper bag activity I learned that we all had different things in our life that shaped us and impacted our lives. I also learned some things about people in my team that I didn’t know.

I don’t know when my teams fundraiser is going to be yet but I think we are leaning towards doing a coin war/ penny war within the next few weeks.

While using the MAD cards I discovered that I wanted to help everyone and I was only allowed to pick 3 people out of 21. Some things I learned about others is that we all have different experiences in life which influences us to help different organizations.

Some things I hope to gain in Main Street Philanthropy is the feeling of helping others and the reward I will get out of it. I love helping others and I can’t wait to start.