Week 8

Our team decided on Pine View, Honor Flight, and Pets for Vets to donate to. We determined the amount to give based on equality and who else was giving to that group.

My experience has been very eye-opening and educational and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Liz Sabish

We took a trip to see what some of the organizations were like. It was very inspiring to see the passion and love that is put into what these people enjoy doing. My favorite was probably Pine View because I love animals and hate to see them suffer.

Overall Main Street was a very enjoyable, eye-opening experience and I’m glad I get a chance to discover what it’s like to work together to help others.

Liz Sabish Blog #6 & #7

The panel discussion was interesting. There was some good questions asked and some eye opening/ enlightening answers. Some of their responses you could tell that they were not exactly prepared for that question (which I thought was ok). I’m not sure about in my career, but in the near future I would like to volunteer at one or more non-profit organization(s).

I’m learning that it takes a lot more work than I initially thought it would to run a non-profit. I’ve been finding that just asking for donations is not exactly fulfilling. I think my group should have fund-raised instead. Most of the people that I ask either ignore me and change the subject, or say “no”. That kind of response kind of breaks down hope.

My giving experience overall has been interesting. I’ve gotten to learn a lot about a bunch of different charities and organizations, and learn about what they actually do, how they function/operate, and why they do what they do. It’s been eye opening, to say the least, and very inspiring.

Is our group ready to make a final decision? Well, initially my group was looking into an organization that helped animals and veterans together, but now I think we’re going to look more into two separate charities; one for animals, and one for veterans.

Liz Sabish Blog#4

I learned that my organization is great in the means of helping animals and veterans, and $0.63 of every $1.00 goes toward the cause. The rest goes to advertising and shelter and food for the animals and vets.

It’s important to check the numbers because you want to be sure that your money is going to a good cause and not just into people’s pockets.

Liz Sabish Blog #2

What did you learn about yourself and your classmates from the Brown Paper Bag Activity? I learned that most of the members in my group like to travel and bring back souvenirs.

What will your team fundraiser be and when will you hold it? My team was looking into doing Pets for Vets and we were going to do a coin war throughout the program.