Week 6&7

I learned that all the organizations really care about what they go for and none of it is about the money it’s about being able to help the others in need. I learned more about each non- profit and how they act with what they do. I had more respect for them after they were able to tell me more about themselves and how they handle things as well such as, Mahala’s Hope they have horses there for the women to be able to take care of and it’s like a therapy for them. You are also able to help them with volunteering to the place any help does count for all the charities. I learned that it’s so fun to be able to fundraiser and get money for the charities because you are doing this for such a good cause it makes you feel good as a person. I know for our group if we could we would want to keep going because of how much fun we have been having. So far the first week we did fundraiser with ice coffee it is a little difficult to get everything and have to worry about if we will sell good or not. After the first day we didnt have so much stress on us because we noticed how much people actually want to buy from us. I believe for our whole group we are learning that this is fun to be able to do this for such an amazing cause too that’s what really makes you feel good. Our group has talked about it many times and we have made a final decision and i don’t think that will change we are ready to do this! It truly has been a great experience for me.

Week 5

I am learning about the quantitative and qualitative and the different ways to look at your organization. Being able to look at your organization’s tax forms is a good way to start as well and learning more about them to discover if they are a big company and if a lot of people like to donate to it as well. I believe it depends on what methods you are using but they can all be efficient to whatever you are looking for in your company. I think it’s pretty easy especially when you have all the information right in front of you, to see how big there numbers are and how they are profits are sorted out.

Week 3

For my group our purpose is to create better lives for people and we want to raise money and try to get supplies for the charity that we picked. We have a steady set on what charity we want to do and we are still thinking of ideas to help them as much as possible. I think i will encounter hopefully them being willing to talk to me about how interested I am on there charity and getting a response back as well. Im very excited to be doing this project and being able to help others that don’t have much is a great thing to do.

Week two

What I would of brought in for my brown paper bag to show is a baby washcloth and to me that represents my brothers that I have. I have 4 brothers and 3 are almost 2 years old, they mean a lot to me and I love being able to watch them whenever I can.  Another item I would of brought in is a dog treat (that was still in the package yet) that represents the 2 dogs that I have at home and they are always there for me when I really need them because they’re pets and your pets are always there for you. The last item I would of brought in to show is a picture of me and my Grandma because family is everything and she’s been there for me my whole life. I know a lot of my friends that took this class said they liked doing Main Street Philanthropy and they really liked supporting different charities. My group was thinking of doing more of a family charities and we wanted to sell coffee and puppy chow to start the fundraising off. We also liked a lot of the other charities because they have many good charities out there in the world and being able to help a couple out is a good cause.

Week One

I thought the activity we did was a good way to start the class. The MAD cards were really interesting seeing how many different organizations there are that you can donate too and help. Also how hard it can be to actually pick through them because of how many there are. I learned that some people can have personal experiences with the cards that they picked. What i want to gain from this program is more understanding with others and also how the different organizations work