week 10

what I will remember most about Main Street Philanthropy is the long journey we went through to pick charities and raise money. It took lots of work to figure and plan everything but in the end it went really smoothly. The field trips were really fun and cool to see and i’m glad we got that opportunity to visit them. I think MSP will influence my future decisions in giving for I want to help more causes and its just such a great feeling knowing you did something great for the community.

week 9

We didn’t give checks to the charities yet but going to visit the charities was really fun to do. You got to see what they all do at there place and learn a lot about them that you didn’t even know. What I will remember most about today is probably everything that I learned and just how nice and caring these charities are.

week 8

Our team decided on Pine view and Stars and Stripes Honor flight for our charities to donate to for we all want to help animals and veterans. We will determine the amounts by splitting the money we raised in half to give each at least a good amount.

My experience working in an group environment was quite well, it was pretty easy and nothing was really hard. I feel working with others really helps a lot cause theirs more minds and ideas. We all pretty much agree with what each other say.

week 6/7

I learned a lot more than I expected to from the panels. What surprised me was how fast these people could think of a very educated answer to a question that was asked within seconds. I’m not sure about doing anything different with my career yet. Although what I am learning from my fundraising experience is how hard some of the work can be. Examples can be trying to find charities that you want to give to but them not reaching back to your calls or emails. Also raising money can be easy and hard.

What I’m learning about my overall giving experience is there is a lot you want to give to but you only have so much money that you made/collected to give out. I would say trying to raise some money has been hard for some people just don’t care for things like this or have really nothing to give you. I feel our group is not exactly ready to make our final decision for we still don’t have a exact charity but we have good ones in mind.

Blog #5

What I am learning about the various ways to evaluate an investment in a company is realizing how much work is put into it. I do see more value in one method over another for the fact one way worked easier for me than the other. I am finding that it is half and half evaluating because you have to really look into if there worthy of a donation or not.

Blog #4

what I learned about my organization is that they are a big charity so I feel getting a hold of them will be a little hard. It is important to look at the numbers before an investment because it shows what they do with it and how well there company makes profit.

blog #3

My experience making the purpose, vision and mission statements went quite easy and well and these are important cause it helps us set a base for how were going to help this charity. I expect to try and talk to someone from the organization and get good information.

blog #2

what I learned about myself and the other people in my group from the brown paper bag activity was how unique they are. I would of never thought some of things would be in there personalities. Our idea of a fundraiser is asking friends and family for money donations.

1.) Describe your experience using the MAD cards. What did you learn about yourself? What did you learn about others?

~The cards showed me what problems I would want to help out the most and try to fix. These cards helped me learn about what other peoples opinions are and what they want to help with it.

2.) What do you hope to gain from participating the Main Street Philanthropy Program?

~ I hope to gain the opportunity to support one of the problems the best I can.