week 9 and 10

  • The field trip made me feel good that we donated to many charities and made me feel grateful that I helped them out.
  • My experience with Main Street Philanthropy was amazing because I learned so much about helping people. When I help someone it makes me feel good about myself.

week 8

  • My team decided on which organization is best by the quantity and quality and thought the people who talked seemed very good about their organizations. We determined the amounts by giving half and half to two organizations.
  • I find its easy because the group I work with seems to enjoy the same things I do in helping animals. We are in agreement on all decisions made.
  • I expect next week to be very fun and a great learning experience by taking field trips to the organizations.

weeks 6 and 7

week 6- I learned from the panels that its very interesting in what they do and I would love to help out at all the organizations. I am learning about a lot of new charity’s and a lot of new opportunities to help those in need

week 7- my experience with fundraiser has been easy because I learned that a lot of people want to help out people in need.

Yes, my group is ready to make our final decision

MAD Cards

My experience using the mad cards was difficult because there were so many options to choose from and so many originations to help. I learned I love to be a helping person. I learned that other people have very different opinions on things. I hope to gain the joyfulness and good learning experience on helping other people.