Week 10 Shayley

The field trip was really eyeopening because I didn’t realize how effective our donations would be to such an amazing organization. Also I liked that we got to see the organizations at work and see where our money goes.

My overall experience of the Main street was life changing seeing how fortunate I really am living in this community. Also I seeing how others live and finding out ways I could make a difference. I think they should keep this program going because it really is a great experience for students.

WEEK 8 shayley

We decided the best organizations by comparing their intentions to ours. We determined the amounts by determining the best organization to us and working from there. My experience was very inspiring because it was so encouraging to do more. I find it pretty easy because you know it is going to a good cause. My group is all good with our decisions and are very excited. Next week we expect to give all our money to the right cause and being proud of the work we accomplished.

Shayley Week 6/7

I learned how different charities work, and the leaders reason for why they feel so strongly in that organization. I was surprised how sometimes starting a charity starts because of personal background. I will really think how everyone’s situation is different and try to help them get through it. I will also remember everyone’s going through something. I am learning through my fundraiser that it only takes your time to make a difference.

I am learning overall how much people appreciate your help no matter how small. It has actually not been too hard because our fundraiser sold pretty easy. The only thing that is difficult is choosing the organization to donate to. My group and I finished fundraising now we just have to evaluate the organizations and come up wit the final decision on which organization to donate to,

Week 5 Shayley Narges

I am learning how to evaluate a nonprofit organization and how to see if an organization is worth the time and money. I think it’s better to go with quality because then you see how a organization works and see just how much it really impacts the community.

I am finding it it easier to evaluate nonprofit organizations because using the guide helps you. Also it is good because then I can see the quality of the organization.

Shayley week 4

I learned that the shining stars have very good program ratio and management ratio. The fundraising ratio, cost to raise $1 and Sustainability are not very good, but they are pretty new organization. It is important to look at the numbers because you want to know where your money is going for the organization. I learned that my money will go to a good cause for good things not to pay employees. Also that the sustainability is not very good but I have trust in this local organization.

Shayley Week 3

Our purpose statement is to help kids in need. To fundraiser for this we will be selling dirt cups at school. With what we are doing I have experienced very good things, this is because I think what we are doing will be helpful to the kids and will feel very good in the end. I reached out to the shining stars dance program, I first called and there was no answer or call back. So I emailed her and have not yet received a response back. I think that the shining stars program will be grateful and very easy to work with. I am very excited to keep moving further with this project and learn more about this program.

Week 2

I learned a lot about the paper bag activity. About myself I learned how sentimental somethings really are and how special my family is. I learned things I did not know prior about my classmates.

My team will make dirt cups to make for the fund raiser, also we are considering doing a miracle minute. We are planning on doing it at school.

I told my parents about main street philanthropy and they said it was a cool idea, and they said they would donate some starter money if needed. I also told my sister and she said that it is a really good thing to be involved in and she would help if needed.

Shayley Narges

Week 1

1.) my experience with the MAD cards were good because I did not know there were so many things you could help with. I learned that I care a lot about families and kids. I learned my partner and I have similar interests. I hope to gain the sanctification of self and to help people and make a difference.