kylie lepage week 9/10

The field trip was an amazing experience. We got to see 3 different charities that different groups were interested. It was great to see the organizations function in real life and how they really operate rather than through research and asking questions. Visiting the charities made me even more interested because I got to see who was affected and the personal stories.

Overall, Mainstreet Philanthropy helped make me a better person. I learned that there are so many people and organizations in need and that I am very fortunate to have what I have. I want to give time to helping organizations that mean a lot to me and I plan on doing it when I can. I also learned how to determine quality and qualitative aspects of charities which, really, can come in handy when looking into anything for investing. Mainstreet Philanthropy was a positive learning experience that gave me a better outlook on life and overall was very worth participating in.

Kylie Lepage Week 5

I learned that there are different ways to evaluate an investment in a company. Looking at the numbers and the quality are both important. You want to know where the money is going to and how they handle the charity and what they value. I think qualitative and quantitative analysis are both important.

It isn’t incredibly difficult to evaluate charities but it can be a little tricky if they don’t respond to you and not have answers to your questions anywhere online. If they are willing to discuss, its easy to just ask what you want to know and figure out if the organization is worth investing in.

Kylie Lepage Blog #4

I was not able to talk to anyone directly when contacting them, but from what I researched I learned that my organization is very passionate about helping animals (Sheboygan Humane Society).

It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because its good to know where the money goes to and if it will actually help the cause you are interested in. I learned that my organization is quite stable and brings in lots of fundraising money and they are able to survive over a year without donations and revenue.

Kylie Lepage Week 3

The Purpose, Vision and Mission statements provided a good experience that helped my group think more about what we really wanted to achieve with main street philanthropy. We want to help others have a better life and provide happiness for people who really need it.

Although we are very interested in helping specifically families in need, we my group is not limited to just that. Helping animals is also always an option, so I called the Sheboygan Humane Society. Nobody picked up so I did have to leave a voicemail and I also sent an email. I am hoping for a response back to learn more about their organization. Making the phonecall was difficult as its something I don’t typically do but it is a good learning experience.

Kylie Lepage Blog #2

From the brown bag activity, I learned that each individual person has their own meaningful items that represent themselves. However, there were certain things we found that we had in common.

Our team fundraiser will most likely be to sell items such as iced coffee and we will hold it within the next month or very soon.

The people I told about Main Street Philanthropy were very interested in it and were very excited about the donations and charities. Everyone agreed that it was a good cause and were eager to hear more.

Kylie Lepage Blog #1

My experience using the MAD cards was very helpful. It was good learning activity that helped me learn more about myself. I learned that I really care about the well being of animals and other people. I also learned that my partner and I share very similar ideas and interests; we both value the same things for the most part.

From Main Street Philanthropy, I hope to achieve satisfaction from knowing I helped others by doing a good thing. I also want to explore my interests more and find out what I really