Week 9&10 faith

We decided an organization based on how well they responded and cared about main street, along with the most impact on us. We decided the amount on who we thought truly needed it. My experience has been great everyone carried the weight pretty evenly. We found it pretty easy and nobody ever was stressed out. We all agreed right away with decisions. We are excited to see the reaction from the Ronald McDonald House.

Week 4

I learned that my cause is mainly supported by different athletic groups. They have many different branches so that you can work your way up to talking to the main organizers. They were also a 14/15 on the scale for quantitative rating.

It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because its good to know where your money is truly going and how credible they are. I learned my organization is truly amazing and they all they can to give as much away as possible. they are very well know and that is for a good reason.

week 3

Our team purpose is to help invest into any medial improvement, this includes: staff, wadges, technology etc. Along with that, we have a vision to help show children people care world-wide, and to increase awareness. Lastly our mission is to fundraiser, plan dates, talk to multiple charities, awareness in the community, and an overall goal.

I expect my chosen charity the MACC fund to be not as thankful or willing. however I was wrong. I managed to reach an individual who is very high up in the charity’s staff. We have exchanged emails and had two phone calls.

Week 2

I learned that important objects that people grabbed were not all about the price tag. Our fundraiser is going through Crave to get a certain percentage. My family’s responses were all very similar, they are proud of what we will be doing, thinking it will open my eyes to real world issues. We are going to try donating to the Ronald McDonald House.

Week 1

1.) I learned what topics draw my attention and mean the most to me. Along with understanding the reasoning as to why they mean a lot to me, which was due to previous life experiences. I also learned that my classmates around me noticed the same reasoning, even if they had different topics.

2.) I hope to gain a bigger understanding of issues world wide and how they affect everyone around me.