Week 6&7

I learned from the panel discussion was that a lot of people that are volunteers and they give up their time to help other people and make sure that they are okay with their life. I’m learning from my fundraising that a lot more people than I thought would ask about why we are fundraising for and what their money would be going towards. My overall giving experience has been very good so far and its been easy to think about all the place that we are thinking to donate to and how it will help so many people. My group has been talking about who we want to donate to but I don’t think that we picked a final decision, but we all agreed that we would donate to multiple charities.

Daley’s blog #4

That they have a good final end score and that means that its a very good organization to consider to donate to. Its important to look at the numbers before you make a donation because you can see how much of it is actually going to the organization that you wan’t to donate to instead of the workers there.

Daley Week 2

I learned what was important to my class mates and how it affected their life. I also learned that even though we all live close that almost nobody had the same thing in their bag.

My team and I decided we are going to fund raise for children and we think we are going to sell dirt cups.

When I told my parents about this class they were curious about what it was and thought it was a great idea.

  1. My experience using the MAD cards was great. I learned that most of the cards that I picked were because they connected to my life. I learned about others that they also picked the cards they did based on what has happened during their life.
  2. I hope to gain how to bring what I learn from this class, to my everyday life.