Week 9/10

We didn’t deliver our checks to the charities yet, but I know when we do that I will be really excited and happy to see that I made a positive impact on someone else. One thing that I will remember most about the field trip is how passionate everyone was about their charity and how happy they were to be there. My overall experience with Main Street Philanthropy was pretty cool and I loved that I got the experience to see how others impacted others and also how I had the opportunity to learn about how to make and impact. Honestly it feels great to be a philanthropist.

week 8

My group decided that we are going to donate to the Ronald McDonald house. We picked them because someone in our group visited them and saw how they were there and she thought it was pretty cool. Also because they seem like a pretty cool charity. I had a pretty good experience. If we were to pick the people in our group I probably wouldn’t have picked the people in my group right now, but i’m glad that she put me in a group with them because it helped me get to know them better and become better friends with them. I found it pretty easy working in this group. My group is in agreement to the decisions being made. What I expect for next week on the field trip is seeing how some of the charities that came in are and how they treat the people are the charity and also learn more about them.

I learned that a lot of these organizations that came in are really passionate in what they do. I’m learning from my fundraising experience that it feels good to be involved and knowing that what you’re doing is making an impact on others in a positive way.

I am learning that it isn’t very easy deciding which charities to donate to because they all seem very good and passionate about what they do. I’m not sure if my group is ready to make our final decision but we’re leaning towards donating to the Mac fund.

Week 5

I am learning that you can tell a lot about an organization through their tax form. Just looking at the tax form helps you decide whether or not you would like to invest to them. We also asked the organization questions about how they got into the charity. Both of these methods are very important just one you are asking the organization directly about their charity, and the other you’re looking at the tax form to see if you would like to invest in them. It can be easy and difficult to evaluate non-profit organizations. It really depends on which organization you’re looking at. The charity I looked at I found it really easy to find their tax form because they had it on their website where anyone could find it.

I learned that the organization that I called is pretty big. When I called my charity they didn’t tell me that much about them, but what I know is that they fulfill wishes of children that have critical illnesses. It is important to look at the numbers before making an investment because you want to make sure they have enough money to see if they’re worth investing in them.

Our purpose statement is to raise money to help the medical areas for children. To fund-raise for this we will be selling chocolate bars or do this fun board project thing. For our mission statement we came up with multiple things such as fundraising, contacting charities, and deciding a money goal. What I hope to encounter from reaching out to these organizations is that they will be happy to talk to me. Also that they will be willing to meet with us to answer questions that we may have.

When I met with my group for the first time we did a paper bag activity. In the paper bag activity we all shared three things in our bag that meant a lot to us. I learned a lot of new things from the people in my group that i did not know before. After the paper bag activity we noticed that we were all interested in the medical area and that’s when we came up with the group name “code blue”. My group had decided that our fundraiser we will sell some chocolate, and create boards. We’re looking for charities for cancer because that means a lot to most the people in my group.

Make A difference activity

There was 20 cards with different jobs on them and we had to go with a partner and pick six different cards and then out of those six we had to pick three. I noticed that I am interested in a job that I get to help people. I want to be able to have the opportunity to help others and have better knowledge about how to help people after using the Main Street Philanthropy Program.