Week 8

We looked at which organizations related closest to our causes. We are pretty sure we are going to give the biggest amount of our donations to the charity that we liked the most and related most to our cause. Working in a group environment has been great. We’ve all gotten to know each other while working together and no one is afraid to share ideas. I find it easy to work with my group because we all are passionate about what our goal is. We agreed on how we set up our fundraiser and switched it around if we thought someone had a better idea. We had some different ideas on how we were going to run our fundraiser but in the end we used the ideas we thought would help the fundraiser the most. Next week I think we will make a decision about who we all want to donate to. I think it will be fun to see how all the different organizations are run and what their facilities look like.

Week 6&7

I learned different ways to run a non profit organization and the ways they helped others. I will think more about donating to non profit organizations that are helping the environment. I am learning how to set up a fundraiser and how to make it so everyone can participate and so everyone wants to participate. You need to find a good cause that a lot of people can relate to and want to help with. It was a little difficult trying to figure out the best way to set up our fundraiser so we could raise the most money possible while making what was happening clear. My group knows we want to donate to a cancer charity but we aren’t sure which one yet.

Week 5

We checked a company’s tax form to see where their money goes and to see if they would be a good candidate for a donation. We also asked them questions to see how they got into the charity. Both methods have equal value just one deals with the money aspect of the charity and the other with the people and employees at the charity.

It depends on the charity and whether you can find the tax forms or be able to talk to someone when you call them to evaluate them. When I called my charity they answered right away and gave me their email. When I tried to find my charity’s tax forms though, I couldn’t find them anywhere and had to look at a different charity’s tax forms to fill out the questions I needed.

Week 4

When I called my charity, the lady I spoke to was very nice and seemed interested in what we are doing. I couldn’t find the IRS forms for that charity so I emailed them about those numbers and I haven’t gotten an email back. However, I looked at the IRS form for a different charity called Door Cancer, and they scored a 13/15 once I added their numbers up which is really good. I think it would be a good charity to work with if we decide to do so.

It is important to look at the number of the charities and how their quantitative analysis adds up because then you will know how good of a charity they are. Depending on how they score, you will know if they keep a lot of their donations, make a lot of money, and if they are truthful in actually helping who they say they are helping.

Week 3

Our purpose is to help raise money for cancer research. My group will be doing a fundraiser where we ask teachers if they would shave their head for our cause. We would put different envelopes with the names of the teachers who say yes into different classrooms. In these envelopes, kids can put money and donations into whichever envelope they choose. The teacher whose name is on the envelope with the most money will shave their head. I called Children’s Cancer Family Foundation and the lady who answered was very nice and I think was very interested in what we are doing.

Week 2

While doing the brown paper bag activity, I learned that the people in my group like to travel and value things given to them by family or loved ones. For our group fundraiser we are going to shave a teachers head and put jars in different businesses for people to drop money into. I think we will get a good amount of money from doing these fundraisers.

Make a difference activity

There were a total of 20 different cards with different occupations on them and we had to pick six at first and then narrow it down to three cards. I learned that I am very interested in a job where I can help other people and make a difference in their lives. I learned that other people want to work in fields that involve only children or something completely different from what I want to do. I hope to be able to help others and different groups in Main Street Philanthropy.