Week 8

Our team decided on Pine View, Honor Flight, and Pets for Vets to donate to. We determined the amount to give based on equality and who else was giving to that group.

My experience has been very eye-opening and educational and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Liz Sabish

We took a trip to see what some of the organizations were like. It was very inspiring to see the passion and love that is put into what these people enjoy doing. My favorite was probably Pine View because I love animals and hate to see them suffer.

Overall Main Street was a very enjoyable, eye-opening experience and I’m glad I get a chance to discover what it’s like to work together to help others.

Gracie’s Blog #9/10

We went on a field trip to the Ronald McDonald house, Pineview rehab for animals and Mahala’s hope. It was really neat seeing how passionate and how much they love what they do. All together my favorite was the Ronald McDonald house because I have a passion for helping kids.

Overall Main Street Philanthropy was an amazing and neat experience. I learned that when I get out of high school I want to go into a career with helping other people.

kylie lepage week 9/10

The field trip was an amazing experience. We got to see 3 different charities that different groups were interested. It was great to see the organizations function in real life and how they really operate rather than through research and asking questions. Visiting the charities made me even more interested because I got to see who was affected and the personal stories.

Overall, Mainstreet Philanthropy helped make me a better person. I learned that there are so many people and organizations in need and that I am very fortunate to have what I have. I want to give time to helping organizations that mean a lot to me and I plan on doing it when I can. I also learned how to determine quality and qualitative aspects of charities which, really, can come in handy when looking into anything for investing. Mainstreet Philanthropy was a positive learning experience that gave me a better outlook on life and overall was very worth participating in.

Week 10 Shayley

The field trip was really eyeopening because I didn’t realize how effective our donations would be to such an amazing organization. Also I liked that we got to see the organizations at work and see where our money goes.

My overall experience of the Main street was life changing seeing how fortunate I really am living in this community. Also I seeing how others live and finding out ways I could make a difference. I think they should keep this program going because it really is a great experience for students.

Week 8,9 &10-Karina

A. Our team decided on which organization is best for our investment, by knowing how much we have and willing on how much we think we want t give to each charity. It was mostly a group decision. B. Our group works really well together, we don’t really disagree on things because we are all in agreement on most of the option. If someone brings up a new idea and we don’t think it is a good idea. We let them know its not a good idea and try to fix it to match something similar to what they had in mind. C. Next week we expect to have at least what charities we plan on giving to for sure, after seeing the places in person on our trip.

A. We did not hand out checks yet, but I will feel really happy that I am giving to a charity that our group thought was a organization that might need it. B. What I will remember is how happy they will be when we hand them the money for their organization and that kids like us in High School are going this cool stuff.

A. I will remember most about Main Street Philanthropy is that there are organizations that are willing to share what there organization does and how much it can help people. B. Impact how I might give in the future, I feel ever sense we went to the places to visit, I feel that it shows that there are places out there that need our help. Examples are such as volunteering is a big one and I feel that the organizations might like us to help. C. I feel like it will influence my future decision because I will know now for example when I go to McDonalds’s that the change actually goes to the Ronald McDonald House. D. I feel that in a job application or even school application it shows that you did something that no other school around us really does and I feel MSP really opens that gates to different opportunities.

Week 9 Dalissia Richards

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the field trip due to getting my wisdom teeth removed. But, I would have loved to experience seeing all the places that are giving back to different communities. Luckly, I got to hear about it all from my classmates and also got to see many pictures from them as well. My overall experience of Main Street was life changing. I was able to open myself up and realize how lucky I am. I think Main Street Philanthropy is a great program and glad that they are doing it.

Taylor Stepaniuk Week 9/10

I really enjoyed going on the field trip on Friday. It was nothing like I expected it to be. It was really neat to be able to see the inside of the Ronald McDonald House and see everything they offer patients. It was also really cool to see the animals at Pineview that are being helped by the organization. Our third stop at Mahala’s Hope was one of my favorites. I thought it was so neat to be able to hear stories from the patients there. It further inspired me to want to help people for a job one day. Overall, Mainstreet Philanthropy was an amazing experience. I learned I was a lot more passionate about helping people than I ever thought. The program also made me realize that I want to pursue a career in helping children someday.

week 10

what I will remember most about Main Street Philanthropy is the long journey we went through to pick charities and raise money. It took lots of work to figure and plan everything but in the end it went really smoothly. The field trips were really fun and cool to see and i’m glad we got that opportunity to visit them. I think MSP will influence my future decisions in giving for I want to help more causes and its just such a great feeling knowing you did something great for the community.

Alexis week 9/10

The field trip on Friday affected me more than I thought it was going to. The Ronald McDonald House was my favorite out of the three places we went, and I can’t even put what I felt during that trip into words. It was the most magical place I have ever seen. I have never wanted to volunteer somewhere so bad and I definitely plan on volunteering even as a teenager now, and in the future. I loved the turtle exhibit at Pine View Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and the personal stories that some of the women at Mahala’s Hope shared were extremely touching.

Overall, Mainstreet has given me the feeling of what it’s like to give back to the people who do so much for others, and I will never forget that feeling. This program changed me as a person, and I want to do more for the world and give back. I would do this program 100 times again. I had so much fun, but I would definitely do things differently. I cannot wait until I start to volunteer more.