Week two

What I would of brought in for my brown paper bag to show is a baby washcloth and to me that represents my brothers that I have. I have 4 brothers and 3 are almost 2 years old, they mean a lot to me and I love being able to watch them whenever I can.  Another item I would of brought in is a dog treat (that was still in the package yet) that represents the 2 dogs that I have at home and they are always there for me when I really need them because they’re pets and your pets are always there for you. The last item I would of brought in to show is a picture of me and my Grandma because family is everything and she’s been there for me my whole life. I know a lot of my friends that took this class said they liked doing Main Street Philanthropy and they really liked supporting different charities. My group was thinking of doing more of a family charities and we wanted to sell coffee and puppy chow to start the fundraising off. We also liked a lot of the other charities because they have many good charities out there in the world and being able to help a couple out is a good cause.

When I met with my group for the first time we did a paper bag activity. In the paper bag activity we all shared three things in our bag that meant a lot to us. I learned a lot of new things from the people in my group that i did not know before. After the paper bag activity we noticed that we were all interested in the medical area and that’s when we came up with the group name “code blue”. My group had decided that our fundraiser we will sell some chocolate, and create boards. We’re looking for charities for cancer because that means a lot to most the people in my group.

Blog #2 Claire Guell

This week we talked about the brown paper bag. I learned that everyone had different things in there bag for many different reasons. We also talked about our fundraiser. We decided our name is going to be “Help For Humanity” and we are going to do a fundraiser for a “Family Promise”.

Week 2

I learned that important objects that people grabbed were not all about the price tag. Our fundraiser is going through Crave to get a certain percentage. My family’s responses were all very similar, they are proud of what we will be doing, thinking it will open my eyes to real world issues. We are going to try donating to the Ronald McDonald House.

brown bags

I learned from myself by sharing he brown paper bags that im very active and into a lot of sports. I learned from my group that they are also very active.

For our fundraiser we are asking each of our families to get $50 within a month.

They think that Main Street Philanthropy is a very fun and creative idea.

Kylie Lepage Blog #2

From the brown bag activity, I learned that each individual person has their own meaningful items that represent themselves. However, there were certain things we found that we had in common.

Our team fundraiser will most likely be to sell items such as iced coffee and we will hold it within the next month or very soon.

The people I told about Main Street Philanthropy were very interested in it and were very excited about the donations and charities. Everyone agreed that it was a good cause and were eager to hear more.

Week 2

First got into our groups and we shared our paper bags with our groups and I learned a little more about my groups members. In our groups we talked about charities we wanted to fund-raise for and chose our group name. We want to do a charity that helps pets and veterans because we all had interests in one or both of those categories.

McKenna Thompson Blog #2

  1. From the brown paper bag activity, I learned that every person has a different background and has unique experiences that shape their lives. I learned we also had a lot of things in common such as loving music and our pets.
  2. Our fundraiser will most likely be selling food and drink items at school such as iced coffee and puppy chow. Another option was also to have a bake sale during church hours in town. We will hold this in the next coming months we work on mainstreet philanthropy.
  3. The people I told about MainStreet Philanthropy didn’t know what it was at first but were very excited and interested about what we are doing once I explained everything to them.

week 2

A. what i learned from the paper bag activity is that their family means the most to them and that that everyone has different things.

b. we will fund raise for child services and we will hold it during school selling dirt cups.

Week 2

A. Learned from the paper bag is that each person have different items that mean something to them.

B. Planning on helping kids and selling dirt cups during the school day.