news so farr..

so far we have been learning different ways to help different families, and animals and coming up with several ways to help themm.. 🙂

what i learned

That this program is responsible  for raising a portion of funds they donate to local no profit organizations !!!!!!!!!!!!

Save The Animalš╞╦▒

save the animals, don’t help kill them!

today we learned about how were going to help find animals a good home. we didn’t start looking for a company yet we start that next week. 

Save The Animals!!!!! :)

                                                                                                   Save the animals, dont help kill them!


Today we learned about how we are going to find endangered animals a good home. We havent sterted raising money or looking for a company yet but we start that next week. I feel we will help alot of animals find a loving and caring family.


So far im learning about the things that i have chosen on the cards. I also learned what group I am in and what we have in commin

what i learn

the welfare of humanity donations to certain establishments

Save The Animals.

Today me and my team decided we were going to help animals that are homeless to find a good home. Also to help abandoned animals to get the medical care they need .