We are donating to

Our group is giving money to Pawsitive Actions because they help animals that are helping disabled people that can’t do certain things on there own. Like get things off the floor & counters or turn off lights or if they loose something the dog could help them find it. 

This week we learned about the qualitative and quantitative analysis  We learned about a place called Pawsative action Foundation.Every time we finished something we got candy. I think we are really learning and getting closer to how where and when we are going to give to a nonprofitable organization  I learned a lot this week and cant wait till next week.

Save The Animals!!!!! :)

                                                                                                   Save the animals, dont help kill them!


Today we learned about how we are going to find endangered animals a good home. We havent sterted raising money or looking for a company yet but we start that next week. I feel we will help alot of animals find a loving and caring family.