I chose ‘Pawsitive’

I chose this organization because they give dogs a home. They train the dogs to help the crippled. I am very passionate about dogs so this really hits home for me.

I chose ‘Give Kids the World’

I chose Give Kids the World because I love kids and I want them to feel special regardless of their condition. What inspires me is that each kid there gives it their all every day, regardless of knowing if they will live to see another day. That does not concern them. They live each day to the fullest. Knowing that they push themselves daily to just be happy is worth donating my time and funds to this outstanding organization. I truly commend what this organization is doing for kids.

I chose the ASPCA.

I chose the ASPCA because I have a desire to save animals. They need someone to speak up for them. They need people like me with a voice. I want to be their voice and donate the funds to them as my way of taking the first step in my effort of saving them. From this, I would like to become a volunteer so I can really make an impact.

We are donating to

Our group is giving money to Pawsitive Actions because they help animals that are helping disabled people that can’t do certain things on there own. Like get things off the floor & counters or turn off lights or if they loose something the dog could help them find it. 

Give Kids the World

I chose Give Kids the World as the organization I want to donate to because Ive always had an interest in their organization. To help sick kids gives me a feeling that I have accomplished something good.

Give kids the world

i Devin Curry of the Tupperware boys& girls is donating money to Give kids the world because the cause and the impact they had on millions of families lives are amazing so i feel that they would really enjoy this

this week

This week we learned about qualitative and quantitative revenues and the pawsative action foundation and how they help animals in need like homeless puppies ☺

Who do i give my money to?

I would like to give my money to give kids the world because its an organization that helps kids with illnesses such as cancer, ect. and i feel it would benefit the organization and give them an even more exciting experience.

This week we learned about the qualitative and quantitative analysis  We learned about a place called Pawsative action Foundation.Every time we finished something we got candy. I think we are really learning and getting closer to how where and when we are going to give to a nonprofitable organization  I learned a lot this week and cant wait till next week.

news so farr..

so far we have been learning different ways to help different families, and animals and coming up with several ways to help themm.. 🙂