Week 8

During class this week, our groups had to make a powerpoint on our charity. During the presentation, we had to pitch of what charity we would donate to and why? In the beginning, I felt that I would be difficult to do this but when I went up with my group to speak, I felt it was a piece of cake. All the money we would earn would go directly to Morris Habitat for Humanity. Sadly, our fundraiser hasn’t begun yet and will start Monday during PEP. I hope we can make 50 dollars on this to get our total to $350.

I decided to interview my dad about his life. During his time, he was able to afford the things that my family does today. He wished that this program could have been around his time because he would do it.




Week 7

During last week’s panel class,  several charities came and spoke to us about their organizations. However, one truly resignated with me. Home for Good Dogs really helped me to understand the reason for their existence. Dogs at pet stores are being taken from mills, and if not sold, are killed. Numerous people are unaware of this occurrence, and continue to purchase dogs from pet stores. From listening to the representatives from Home for Good Dogs, I wish I was able to bring some type of  awareness .


i interviewed my mom , and she said she was never able to do something like i have , but is very please with

I thought the speakers that came in were very interesting and i enjoyed them a lot. I really liked hearing and learning about all the great things they do for the environment, people & animals. My favorite speakers had to be the people who came in and talked about the dogs. When they talked they really caught my attention, I really enjoyed listening to what they do and how we could help them.

Week 7

I interviewed my mom.  I wanted to hear how things were when she grew up and what her ideals were.  I was interested to learn that she believed saving money to be very important in managing finances.  This interview helped me learn more about my family.

panel class #2

The second panel class brought us more charities and causes to incorporate into our decision.  Each organization stands for good causes, and it is hard to decide who gets our money and goods that we raise. this week as a group we have to figure out how to spit our funds and come to a consensus on who gets our monetary support.

Week 7

After interviewing my mom, i learned a lot about her that i did not know before hand. For example, my mom felt strongly on saving your money and to not spend it all on things that i don’t really need. I interviewed my mom because my mom is very interested in philanthropy and wanted to help me. Something that i learned from this that also surprised me was how my mom was the leader of the drill team. Overall, the experience interviewing my mom was very interesting to me.

Post Panel

Both classes of panels are over for this year of Main Street Philanthropy and I feel as all participants grew more as people. We learned about other charities, how they get money, how to volunteer and more. The charities also got to learn about each other and how much they all care about what they do. It was a great experience to learn about people and the way they respond to questions on the spot. Ultimately I am starting to feel more friendly and less inferior to adults as I start to slowly come to the conclusion that they are human too. As the program starts coming to a close, stress is building up as all of the teams try to preform their charity event and collect the money to donate to charities.

Panel Session

Throughout the past two weeks, we had various charities come to our classes to tell us about their cause. Although the purpose for these charities is to raise money to survive, most felt money wasn’t important. Take Morris Habitat for Humanity. He wants us to come up their to help out for a day to help improve skills of giving back. In the near future, I’ll try to go up to Randolph to help them out. Also, these charities did reflect us on who we are going to donate to at week 9. I found each charity interesting of what they do.

Our fundraiser is a volleyball tournament during PEP Monday. All are welcomed to come and play.


While reading through the other logs this week, there was one blog that stood out to me. That blog was Renald. He mentioned that he wants to get back into the program and play a role. I was able to see that  the change is coming to him that it is time for one to help raise money for charities.


Meeting with charities week 6 and 7

Week 6 and 7 of the MSP class focused on meeting new charities that I didn’t even know existed much less would open new doors and opportunity’s for me. Such as last week when I met Julia Somer the executive director at the NJ Highlands coalition where I know volunteer and through this organization I also go contacts from other charities that would be willing to help our biology club in school develop a garden. During this weeks class I met this wonderful charity called Clean Ocean Action. The organization gave us a packet with details and you can bet I’m gonna go down to the shore one day to go help them with their annual clean up of the beaches of NJ.