WEEK 1; Shakay Simpson

Philanthropy can be interpreted various ways. To some, the term may simply mean presenting a person or organization with some form of a financial benefit. However, to me, philanthropy goes way beyond money. To me philanthropy is an opportunity to put effort into something other than one’s self. Sure, it is quite rewarding knowing you helped raise money for a specific cause, however, it is the personal reward that impacts you most. The amount of self gratitude and self reward that comes out of benefiting others, is truly what I am looking forward to experiencing most in this class.

The activity performed last class, brought me to a certain understanding. There is a wide variety of causes that need awareness brought to them. However, in life, there are limitations and ultimatums. While attempting to narrow my cards down to a top 3, all I could say in my mind was, “AHHHHHHH!!!” Which was more significant? Which is a larger epidemic? In my opinion, that exercise was extremely eye opening. Inevitably, a choice has to be made. The best choice may not always be the right choice, and the right choice may not always be the best choice.


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