Panel Session

Throughout the past two weeks, we had various charities come to our classes to tell us about their cause. Although the purpose for these charities is to raise money to survive, most felt money wasn’t important. Take Morris Habitat for Humanity. He wants us to come up their to help out for a day to help improve skills of giving back. In the near future, I’ll try to go up to Randolph to help them out. Also, these charities did reflect us on who we are going to donate to at week 9. I found each charity interesting of what they do.

Our fundraiser is a volleyball tournament during PEP Monday. All are welcomed to come and play.


While reading through the other logs this week, there was one blog that stood out to me. That blog was Renald. He mentioned that he wants to get back into the program and play a role. I was able to see that  the change is coming to him that it is time for one to help raise money for charities.


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