Grouping the Club

During the second week of philanthropy class,  the students were split into four focus groups that had similar ideas on worldly needs. These groups were made from different choices in MAD cards that we used the class prior to this one. I was put into a group that wanted to raise money save the environment Although it was not get my first choice, I realized that I will still be making a change in the world for the better.

Last class, the brown paper bag activity helped me learn something new about all of the people I was now going to be working with. Within my group, I learned that most of the people in my group were similar in the fact that they liked adventure and thrill. I was surprised how much I could learn about people in just a short time using three items that could fit inside a paper bag. Now, researching and fundraising for our environmental charity will be the new task at hand, putting me into unfamiliar territory that I hope to come to terms with soon.

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