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At the very beginning of this class, we were all asked the question, “What does philanthropy mean to you?” I answered that question with the following: “To me, philanthropy is an opportunity to put effort into something other than one’s self.” Week to week, I wondered when I would finally have an “AHA” moment.

However, after going on the field trip and making several visits to the charities of our choices, I suddenly realized the words I wrote on the very first day of this class, were worth something in the end. In our own groups, we fundraised(on our own time) to be able to come up with a small sum to be donated. The money we raised, and the food we collected, to us, seemed so minimal. But, to the charities, it was everything. It mean the world to most of them that we had even considered them. Hearing about how our donations, no matter who large or small, would be significantly beneficial to helping the charities’s causes, made me feel so accomplished.

I can honestly say, I have not felt that good about myself in a long time. Knowing that you are doing something to help others, even if it is indirect, is one of the most tremendous feelings. Visiting the charities truly broadening my limitations. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and assist in someway at these places. Without a doubt, I am going to make a serious effort to get involved, because that it truly the best thing a person can do. Have you ever noticed that we keep our selves to tightly concealed?  We perform the same routines everyday. It is time to step out of  your comfort zone. Do something today that you never thought that you could or would do. There is no limit to what you can accomplish as an individual, if you are willing to put yourself out there and give a 110% effort.

I am walking away from this class, with numerous options for volunteer work, but not only that, an altered mind. Although I am aware of how blessed I am, I was reminded of that when we visited the heart of these charities. Once you are in the actual environment, you start the feel need and desire.

In closing, t0 me, philanthropy is an opportunity to put effort into something other than one’s self, and Main Street Philanthropy has indeed provided me with that opportunity. For that, I am grateful.


Thank you to Yale, Robin, and Jay!





Week 7

During last week’s panel class,  several charities came and spoke to us about their organizations. However, one truly resignated with me. Home for Good Dogs really helped me to understand the reason for their existence. Dogs at pet stores are being taken from mills, and if not sold, are killed. Numerous people are unaware of this occurrence, and continue to purchase dogs from pet stores. From listening to the representatives from Home for Good Dogs, I wish I was able to bring some type of  awareness .

Week 5!!!

Feed the People has organized and scheduled for one of our potential charities to come to an upcoming panel class. Personally, I desire to get a feel for a person’s personality and intentions, before investing time and effort into them. Putting money and donations aside, in life, I will not give someone the necessary attention needed, if they are not appreciative and worthy of it. Trusting people right away is sometimes inevitable. However, being manipulated is a frequent occurrence.

On another note, I am truly looking forward to the panel classes, so I can not only investigate my group’s potential charities, but also other group’s as well. I may even be shocked as to the charities I am drawn to, hunger affiliated or not! 🙂

Week 4!!

Last weeks class,  consisted of the numerical aspect of the organization research process. During class, we were provided with a sample Form 990, that we completed as a whole. When I first glanced at the Form 990 page in my workbook, I freaked out, literally. Everything appeared extremely complex and complicated.

When I was told I would have to calcute one on my own, as a portion of my homework for the course, I fell silent. I felt quite intimidated, due to it complexity. However, when I actually pulled up the Form 990 page at home, a sudden feeling of relief flooded by body. The website was actually really easy to operate, and following what we did in class, led me through the whole assignment.

week 2!!!

Sometimes in life an individual will uncover a particular trait or quality about themselves that they had no knowledge of previously. This may possibly be due to going through new experiences, or performing activities that force a  person to question one’s character. You may perceive yourself to be a specific way, however, you uncover more about yourself through different ways of interaction.

For example, the brown paper bag activity truly challenged me intellectually. I had an exceptioanlly difficult time deciding on three teams that represented me as a person. So, instead I chose random items, that I would then interpret. From this activity I learned that I have a far more creative mind than I thought.

Going into this activity, I did not have much knowledge on my group members. I had been associated with them before, however, I have never really had the opportunity to learn about them as an individual. From this activity, I became more aware of the type of person they were, and some of their interests. Personally, the brown paper bag activity withholds value. Now, there are three less people that I walk pass in the hallways and know absolutely nothing about. I believe that it is significant to have a basic understanding of your surrounding and your peers. A school is similar to a community. Adapting and becoming comfortable with the community and its populous, will inevitably lead to more peaceful interaction.




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WEEK 1; Shakay Simpson

Philanthropy can be interpreted various ways. To some, the term may simply mean presenting a person or organization with some form of a financial benefit. However, to me, philanthropy goes way beyond money. To me philanthropy is an opportunity to put effort into something other than one’s self. Sure, it is quite rewarding knowing you helped raise money for a specific cause, however, it is the personal reward that impacts you most. The amount of self gratitude and self reward that comes out of benefiting others, is truly what I am looking forward to experiencing most in this class.

The activity performed last class, brought me to a certain understanding. There is a wide variety of causes that need awareness brought to them. However, in life, there are limitations and ultimatums. While attempting to narrow my cards down to a top 3, all I could say in my mind was, “AHHHHHHH!!!” Which was more significant? Which is a larger epidemic? In my opinion, that exercise was extremely eye opening. Inevitably, a choice has to be made. The best choice may not always be the right choice, and the right choice may not always be the best choice.