Giancarlo called our charity of choice, Home for Good Dog Rescue. He expressed his excitement as well as the chairty’s. They discussed the panel. And I’m growing more and more excited for our fundraiser! We are going to do a candy gram at our school and collect blankets for the rescue because dogs always need a cuddly bed/blanket!!

Week 1 – Carly Jameson

Week 1 got me very excited for the rest of our program! By having a previous experience with Robin and Yale, I was able to walk into this class with a better understanding of how my choices of topics would effect my charity choices. This class got me very excited for the next 9-10 weeks because I now know, generally, what my charity will be related too. Now I can begin thinking of which organizations I think would be eligible for my donations 🙂 Week 1 was a total success in my eyes!

MSP week 2 Carly Jameson

hey there! week 2 was another success! today in class, we were assigned our groups for the charity topic. in our groups we discussed our 3 brown paper bag items and I learned a little more about my group. I’ve known the members of my group for as long as I can remember but I learned more about them! sitting with my group and discussing possible names was very exciting. we have all chosen a great cause. after class I began thinking of possible organizations we could donate to and I’m getting anxious! I want to do my fundraiser already!!!!!