Last class

During our last class we showed presentations on which charity we chose and why.  Each group participated  and told us why they wanted to donate to their specific charity.  Surprisingly, every organization that was represented on our panel is receiving at least some funding.  It makes us feel good to know that everyone is getting helped and we did not have to leave anyone with money.

panel class #2

The second panel class brought us more charities and causes to incorporate into our decision.  Each organization stands for good causes, and it is hard to decide who gets our money and goods that we raise. this week as a group we have to figure out how to spit our funds and come to a consensus on who gets our monetary support.

panel week #1

Three women from two different charities visited us.  The one lady was from a group who works to preserve the highlands, and the other two were from a church in Boonton that runs a food bank.  I was the one who called the church, and it was good to finally meet the women and ask them about their lives’ work.  Meeting these ladies taught us a lot about the charities they represent and the values their organizations hold.

Week 5

This week we analyzed data from our selected charities.  Using both quantitative and qualitative analysis, we determined how much money each organization had and where the money was going to.  We graded each charity on how well they spent their money, and this helped us decide which charities need our funds most.

Week 3

At our last class, we created our Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements.  This helped our group focus on what we wanted to achieve this year at MSPA and figure out who we want to help.  We are calling charities throughout this week, and narrowing down our choices.  Can’t wait for class on Tuesday!

Week 2

During our second MSP class, we learned a little more about our new group members.  The brown paper bag activity was an opportunity to discover the traits of our classmates so we will work better as a group.  We brainstormed names, and are in the process of putting together a fundraising project for our charities that we choose to help.

Class 1

Our first class of 2015 gets me excited for this new year. There were a lot of very interesting people and personalities at class and I am excited to see how all of these people work together to accomplish amazing things over these next ten weeks.