this is  a continuation of the previous post , it can count as one . over the last three years i have experience so much through this program , have meet so many great people , so many charities , helped more than a handful of people. Most importantly i have grown into a better person , ever since the first year . I am literally so impressed with everyone that has done the program , from someone elses point of view i would just like to say , you have grown as well . even if you dont notice it brb have to go will continue

My Father

I spoke to my father a while ago , and actually was a witness to his philantropy efforts . I remember one summer , he was bringing me to my grandmothers home , and my took out my suitcase from hte trunk of his car . I saw sooo many backpacks and pencils and lots of notebooks . I asked my father , why did he have so many notebooks in the trunk of his car . He said he was donating it , to the kids who could not afford to buy school supplies that upcoming school year . I suppose I got my urge to give from him , because he is such a great role model for me . Even though this happened a really long time ago , his actions are still in my memory . Which means that , it really affected me in a way that not all my memories have .

I am hoping to make up for last weeks blog ,

as you might know by now everything that goes on in hte school has to be board approved . right now it is way to late to come up with a new fundraiser . In the last class i spoke about how the fundraiser will happen Monday , but right now I dont see how that is possible . Even though we have annouced the fundraiser , no one has signed up , this school just doesnt want to do a volley ball tournament . Hopfeully I can recieve some donations on sunday from my church and bring that in , so we at least have something . next time .. we should have tarted fundraising ealier I suppose . Just disappointed it didnt work out this year .


i interviewed my mom , and she said she was never able to do something like i have , but is very please with

fund update

so i havent updated due to the fact that after school i had work and came home late , and also that i finally put up the flyer yesterday so now i have something to talk about . I made the Volleyball flyers and spoke to the teachers , so that we are allowed to use the gym for the volleyball tournament next monday . I did lower the prices just because not everyone always carries exactly $3 (to watch) but most likey two ..  i spoke to alot of my guy friends from all grades , freshman , sophmores, juniors and seniors . since i think guys would generally not mind get sweaty through pep .. and they are already making teams which i think is pretty cool . i think we will be pretty succesful in our fundraiser , and alot of planning is going into it and i hope everyone from mainstreet comes , that would be appreciated.

Hill top haven Homeless Shelter

last week we spoke about 990 forms and fundrasing , although i didnt post till now , i have been on the fundraising , and have asked for donations in my church , and will ask again in a different one i attend in lincoln park . Feel free to come , its in lincoln park nj starts at 10 am . email me for details –

I have started making the flyers for the volley ball tournament and we are hoping it will be done by the beggining of december , sinc eit has to get board approved and it will be in our highschool’s gym .

I soke to Ms. Glass yesterday with Tori , and she told us to start the flyers but not to go crazy since we still dont know if we will get approved .

so I am just asking for donations , for rigt now its really all that can be done since everyhting needs to be approved .

I have done reserch on hill top Haven Homeless Shelter , i dont want to do a catholic homeless shelter , since ther are plenty of those but rather one , that  isnt religon based .

I hope everything runs smoothly in the next couple of weeks .


Love my group

So I decided to go into family services and I was not at all disappointed . I have no doubt that this year main street will be a good one like it is always .Our group is fun and excited to really grasp what it is to be a philanthropist.  I know I made this post like the morning of but I have a lot right now but I still make time to have an opportunity to touch others lives and that’s why im really here . We had a team meeting and talked about our fundraiser and talked about Amy questions that our group had and its going to be wonderful when this is all set and done .

Excited for Autum

So its charity season and there are a lot of AWESOME charities right now looking for donations and we should definitely look into it . I’m really sorry that I wasn’t there last meeting but I basically know what’s going on.. The cards really give you a perspective on what you value the most . So I would just like to say I’m really excited to see what everyone brought in their paper bags and really excited to see what will happen .