Good Afternoon!

I wanted to add my thoughts as I read through your blogs…we have told everyone how this is a “once in a lifetime experience” and already, reading your blogs I can tell it has changed some of you. We tend to get wrapped up in our own worlds and forget there are so many other things going on (good and bad). Being selfless is very hard to teach.  To me, its an intrinsic trait, something you are just born with. Each and every one of you clearly has a part of you that is philanthropic, you joined this class! It is time for you to embrace that and decide how you want your future to be shaped. Take this time and class to discover your passions, likes, dislikes and what kind of person you want to be. Help yourself first become this person so you can in turn, help others. I am behind you 1000 percent! You will do GREAT things!


Best wishes!