Philanthropy Program, Agim

What would I want to gain from this program? This program is about helping others, and doing good deeds for those that are less fortunate than we are. But, at the same time, this program is also about improving yourself as an individual. I want to help people and do good for the world. The satisfaction of helping somebody and making them happy with just a little work is well worth it. I want to learn about the many different cultures in the world and how they are different from the rest, while at the same time helping the less fortunate people within the cultures. I hope to gain the knowledge of what is wrong with the world through this program so that I can try my best to fix it in the future. Even if all goes wrong with the charities, it still makes a difference because it still raises awareness about what is needed in this world. This program is just a small step to something I feel will become so much bigger than I can imagine. This is what i want to gain from this program, to be able to make a change.