Week 4

In our group I did call the charity and we collaborated on some fundraising ideas. I called the Home for Good Dog Rescue. The woman seemed very nice and we talked about the panel and our mission. I haven’t heard much but I’m sure they’ll be interested due to their good attitude towards the program on the phone.


Week 3: Accomplished

Hey everyone,

In the last class we talked about cold-calling, fundraising, and how to do these few, fairly easy tasks. Although at first they may seem intimidating, it’s actually very simple. Since I know what to expect and some others don’t in the program, I’ll let you all know it’s not as daunting as it may seem. Also, you won’t encounter many nasty people (from my personal experiences), but they are out there so do beware! The worst that could happen is someone hangs up anyway. As we all saw, Yale got to the head of the charity immediately, although its pretty rare you will get there. But other than that our class last week was great and I can’t wait to keep moving forward¬†with my group thats dedicated to helping animals and collaborate to find a good fundraising idea.