Main Street Philanthropy Week 2

Today in Main Street Philanthropy, we were put into groups according to our choices of charities from last week’s class. These are the people we will raise funds for our charity with. After we assembled with our groups, we began to share the items in our brown paper bags. I brought with me a picture of my siblings and I, a rosary, and a pearl necklace. I learned that Carla is a hard working, independent person. Erika wants to become a marine biologist. Tori’s favorite animal is a whale and she loves to play sports. Renald is an introvert and often uses headphones to block out the rest of the world. Robert is in the process of becoming an Eagle scout, fulfilling his uncle’s dreamwhen he failed to do it. My group is still in the process of deciding a fundraiser.

Week 1 of Main Street Philanthropy

In our first class we did an activity called MAD to find our charity areas of interest. 20 cards with a charity category on each were laid out in front of us and we had to pick which 6 charities were most important to us. We then had to eliminate 3 of ┬áthe 6 to leave you with your top 3. This was the most difficult part of the class because you begin to feel guilty for the charities you didn’t choose. My top choice was family services. I chose this because I have such a loving and encouraging family and every child should feel that.

Through this program I not only hope to make an impact on the lives of others, but to grow as a person as well. I am looking forward to go visit the charities we choose and interact with the people there. There has only been two meetings but I can already tell that the experiences I gain from Main Street Philanthropy will stick with me forever and will guide me in my journey through life.