Week 3

A.) My experience while creating my group’s Purpose, Vision, and Mission Statements was quite interesting. It was quite difficult to actually come up with a sentence for each statement. I had so much to say for each of them, but narrowing it down to just one phrase was hard.


B.) When reaching out to organizations this week, I expect to encounter some difficult people and some people who are rude. I don’t expect every organization to answer their phones or to take the time to listen to me. Hopefully though, I can contact an organization and draw them in with my Purpose, Vision, and/or Mission Statements.

Week 2

A.) The Brown Paper Bag Activity helped me learn a lot about my classmates. I knew most of them before being split into groups, but after doing the activity, I realized that now I know them better than before. This activity really helped me understand that I am so much more alike, than I am different, my classmates. It really opened my eyes into another light. I am really enjoying the other teammates in my group and all of us get along well.

Week 1

A.) My experience using the MAD (Make A Difference) Cards was pretty interesting. It was quite challenging for me to pick only 3 cards that spoke directly to me out of all the choices. Personally, I thought all of the cards deserved to be picked and helped out. However, I had to choose only 3, so I picked Animal Care, Emergency and Disaster Relief, and People with Physical and Mental Disorders. This activity taught me about myself that I have a huge heart, but sometimes its okay to have to choose only 3 important things to help with. I learned that not only do  have this conflict, but so do many of my peers. It was neat to feel not so alone in a process that was new to me.


B.) I hope to gain confidence and knowledge from participating in the Main Street Philanthropy Academy. I want to learn how to donate to charities- via money or time- and be able to hold onto these traits for the rest of my life. Also, with this program I would love to lose my fear of public speaking and gain confidence with the fact that I can do anything I set my mind to. With the MSPA, I hope to be able to change the world, even if it’s one small step at a time.