Weeks 3, 4, and 5

To summarize even though i haven’t been able to write the blog as consistently as i hoped i still tuned in the other students blogs to see what they had to say about week. Although i won’t put any blame on my teachers for the homework they post I hope that I will at least redeem myself with showing more curiosity to the world of charities as more come to visit in tomorrows panel. Our specific organization is coming tomorrow so see their insight on helping the families of the nation would be of help as out vision statement is still iffy in some regards. All in all i hope i continue to enjoy my progress in the last few sessions we have left of MSP and strive to keep the blog consistency.

Week 3 -Renald

The third week had me think of a main theme that i had came a conclusion to. With the discussion of out purpose, mission, and vision the theme of thinking of the future came to my mind. Also with the homework of finding charities that would like to work with us in the future it further supported the theme. Speaking of the homework in one way or another I personally think it had turned out positive. The reason being that even though the charities that I had wanted to work with said no for me to actually have the initiative to call them and speak to them on that level surprised in greatly. Although we are only three weeks in i feel MSP will really help in areas i do not have confidence in. The main charities that I had called were dealing specifically with helping families with billing issues and financial troubles, they were The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

Week 2 MSP Renald

From the second week in MSP the brown paper bad activity is what occurred that week. This activity in particular had me conscious of myself as everyone was very family or sentimental oriented whilst i had mostly had items that held meaning for me in more selfish sense compared to everyone else. The main point I had found interesting was towards the end of the meeting where the embassadors informed us of the fundraising activity. This in particular sparked an interest in me as I had not done such an interactive activity before. To the members that were already apart of MSP the idea was to host a similar event to last year by holding a volleyball tournament with refreshments on the side.

Week-1 Renald Navarro

For the late blog update the time in between the sessions it has given me time to think of what the word philanthropy really means to me as a person. Even though in class he had already gone over the topic I feel like in the small amount of lines I can not really grasp what the word means to me. As the meaning with the root words stands for the “love of humans” love in this case is more one sided and allows for some flexibility with how I view that meaning. For me the thing I love most about human beings is the ability of changing something grand with small acts, either they be conscious of the effort or not. To not only change and to give others a reason to change not just themselves, but for these of what you hold dear or love is how I view the act of philanthropy. I hope in full honesty that i can experience changing, whether it be for myself or for another cause.