Week 8

My team decided on our investment distribution by picking the organization whose goals were as similar to ours as possible.  We determined that 100% of our fundraising would go to that organization.  I have found working in a group environment easy.  We are making decisions together quite easily and have found little trouble in coming to a consensus.  I expect that next class will be very interesting, and I look forward to seeing the charities that were chosen.

Week 7

I interviewed my mom.  I wanted to hear how things were when she grew up and what her ideals were.  I was interested to learn that she believed saving money to be very important in managing finances.  This interview helped me learn more about my family.

Week 6

Listening to the panel discussion gave me insight as to what each of the charities stood for, what their goals were, and how they achieved their goals.  It was interesting listening to their experiences in their field of work.  I look forward to the next panel and learning about the charity my group selected.

Week 5

This week we went into more detail about the financial aspect of charities.  We explored a quantitative analysis of the charities and applied a ranking to our group.  There is much information that can be found about a charity online, but a person still needs to ask questions directly to get the full picture.  I am finding it mostly easy to evaluate non-profit organizations for my potential investment.

Week 3

This week we learned about cold calling and created our Purpose, Mission, and Vision statements.  This allowed us to understand what we planned on achieving this year.  I expect to encounter some rude people but many more interested people when cold calling.

Week 2

The brown paper bag activity was very interesting and helped me learn several things about my group.  For example, I learned that Christian and Lea love soccer.  I learned a bit about their interests, such as the fact that Gian enjoys painting and is a good artist.  Also, I found out about people’s beliefs, such as the fact that Carly strongly believes in karma.  The brown paper bag activity also helped me figure out how to define myself more by narrowing down myself into three separate qualities.

Week 1

I liked the MAD cards.  It is a useful way to narrow down your interests, and it helped me figure out my top 3.  I came to the conclusion that animal care, disaster relief, and health research and education were most important to me.  By participating the the MSP program, I hope to become a better, more caring person and to help others.  It is a great program that really helps you discover the person you are.