Will’s week 5

This week, I can truly say that I have confidence in myself to maken a good investment. I see Clean Ocean Action as a good investment Based on their 990 forms. They scored a 14/15 which in my personal opinion, believe is outstanding. However, I still need to assess the qualatative portion of their organization. Based off the phone call I had, I could tell that she was excited to speak to someone like me, and hopefully, will reciprocate that enthusiasm in the pannel class.

In all, im finding that analyzing these charaties is quite easy, as for now we are only viewing numbers and seeing if their mission is probable, and actually going to have an impact on our enviornment.

Will’s Week 4

this week I researched the Clean Ocean Action Assoc. in detail. I was actually really impressed with myself. I never thought I would be reviewing and dissecting tax forms at the tender age of 16. I learned that my charity is doing well, but I still see a need to help their cause, as there can never be to much help in trying to save our oceans. However COAA is quite efficient in raising a dollar, as they only need .06 to raise one. I can Honestly say that I beleive that I’m making a good investment in this charity, and that i have confidence that the money we raise will go towards a great cause for all of humanity.

MSP Week three

This week I contacted 3 different charities, The Newark watershed, Clean Ocean Action, and the Stony Brook Watershed Asc.. I had confidence while contacting them however I only really got through to the clean ocean action. NW is filing for bankruptcy and the SWA i left a message for. In all Im looking foward to collaborating with these charities and hoping we will make a difference.

My experience during the process of Deciding our mission purpose and vision was efficient and concise. My team knows our end goal and what we want to help. I have a good feeling about what we will accomplish.

Will Week 2

During the brown paper bag activity this week, I discovered what my fellow group members really value, and who they are. I learned that X values his assets, and treats all of his financial matters with strict fiscal responsibility. Conor ( who I’ve known for a very long time) is still humble, easy going, and passionate about his sports. I learned that Sameer values his family, religion and knowledge greatly, and is highly involved in all three. Last but not least, I learned that Chris loves to run, use technology, and also, values money.

I have to admit, I was quite flattered when everyone commented on my presentation. My thanks go out to everyone, and specifically, I would like to thank X for his kind words about my general demeanor.

My group members and I  ( Populo Terrae) have decided that a 50/50 raffle would be the best fundraiser to do.We would probably run it at a home football game, which sports a large amount of spectators. Also 50/50’s are quite common in Boonton, as we are famously known for our 50/50 at the Firemans fair every year. We hope to raise a good deal of money, as we all are passionate about the enviornment, and mother earth.





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Will’s week 1

I’ve learned a few things about myself this week. I discovered where my priorities lie, and also what I wish I could do but was limited by my options. I learned that I really care about our enviornment, the advancement of medicine and science, and animal care and abuse. I was torn when I had to choose between my initial six. I wanted to keep veterans, but I knew that some of my topics wouldn’t be handled by other students, and chose those.

I also learned alot about my friend Conor and what he values. He chose veterans, the enviornment, and hospital care. I really got to see why he was so keen on these choices, and also how easily he was willing to give choices away. All in all, I learned that conor cares about the welfare of others, and the welfare of our home.

I hope to gain a better understanding of the real world, and experience a situation that expands my horizons. I also want to help out and give back to my community in anyway I can, because in reality, knowing that you made the world a better place is all you really need.