Week 4

Hello again everybody. Last week we started to dig into the economic standpoint of philanthropy. We started going over our charity, Home for Good Dog Rescue, in class and were going to find out what the economic standpoint of our charity is. We have yet to find out what it is and if they really do practice what they preach. We do plan on looking at it soon, however. To add to that, we finally called the place for the panel interview, and everything is starting to fall into place.  I eagerly await for what they have in store for us tomorrow.

MSP Week Three

Hi everybody! Last week of MSP was extremely fun, like all weeks at MSP. We reviewed how to do a cold call. I remember how to do it from last year, but I know a few kids in the class are afraid to. I told them that it wasn’t that bad and the people you talk to are very nice(usually) and there was nothing to worry about. I haven’t had a lot of time to write these blogs, but they are truly stress relieving and fun.I can’t wait for the next class and what they have in store.

-Christian K.

MSPA Week 1 Christian K

Hi everyone! So today we worked in groups of 2 to figure out which causes we wanted to donate to. Me and Giancarlo had pretty similar ones, with both of us wanting to protect the environment, and chose animal care as our first ones. I chose hunger as my third one, and was surprised when Gian chose historical preservation as his final one. It was cool because not many people think to help the historic sites since they don’t seem like they’re in that much need. Like with animal abuse, hunger, cancer awareness and other major problems, it is evident there is a big problem that are in great need of assistance, and not many people think to help the other things that most other people wouldn’t think about helping. I hope to finally be able to do the tax forms, because everything I hoped for last year was fulfilled except that. Also, I was too nervous to do the cold calls, so I hope to overcome that this year.