Today was the graduation day for MSP. It has been a learning experience for me because not only did I help out my community but I learned more about others than I would’ve ever known. What I would remember most about MSP was the day I went up and talked to a woman by the name of Julia Somers. She not only gave me an opportunity to voultneer at the NJ highlands Coalition but also helped me to establish connections with other charity’s who also could use volunteer services. MSP opened up many opportunity’s for me and for that I am grateful. Thank you to Robin, Yale, and Jay for pushing us to always do our best.

this is  a continuation of the previous post , it can count as one . over the last three years i have experience so much through this program , have meet so many great people , so many charities , helped more than a handful of people. Most importantly i have grown into a better person , ever since the first year . I am literally so impressed with everyone that has done the program , from someone elses point of view i would just like to say , you have grown as well . even if you dont notice it brb have to go will continue

one out of two

so last week we visited  highland  conservation , and  home for good dogs . i really like the highlands , they have a great meaning behind their charity . i can tell a lot of hard work has been put in , to get them to where they are . Truely inspirtional , to take a group of people deicated enough , and passionated enough , to pu their whole lives into one purpose , and they probably get little to no income out of it , so its out of their hearts . i learned alot through the video they presented

final blog!!! :)

At the very beginning of this class, we were all asked the question, “What does philanthropy mean to you?” I answered that question with the following: “To me, philanthropy is an opportunity to put effort into something other than one’s self.” Week to week, I wondered when I would finally have an “AHA” moment.

However, after going on the field trip and making several visits to the charities of our choices, I suddenly realized the words I wrote on the very first day of this class, were worth something in the end. In our own groups, we fundraised(on our own time) to be able to come up with a small sum to be donated. The money we raised, and the food we collected, to us, seemed so minimal. But, to the charities, it was everything. It mean the world to most of them that we had even considered them. Hearing about how our donations, no matter who large or small, would be significantly beneficial to helping the charities’s causes, made me feel so accomplished.

I can honestly say, I have not felt that good about myself in a long time. Knowing that you are doing something to help others, even if it is indirect, is one of the most tremendous feelings. Visiting the charities truly broadening my limitations. There are numerous opportunities to volunteer and assist in someway at these places. Without a doubt, I am going to make a serious effort to get involved, because that it truly the best thing a person can do. Have you ever noticed that we keep our selves to tightly concealed?  We perform the same routines everyday. It is time to step out of  your comfort zone. Do something today that you never thought that you could or would do. There is no limit to what you can accomplish as an individual, if you are willing to put yourself out there and give a 110% effort.

I am walking away from this class, with numerous options for volunteer work, but not only that, an altered mind. Although I am aware of how blessed I am, I was reminded of that when we visited the heart of these charities. Once you are in the actual environment, you start the feel need and desire.

In closing, t0 me, philanthropy is an opportunity to put effort into something other than one’s self, and Main Street Philanthropy has indeed provided me with that opportunity. For that, I am grateful.


Thank you to Yale, Robin, and Jay!





Field Trip

We finally realized the true meaning of what we had been doing all along while in MSPA. We ventured to the places where we each were donating our hard-earned cash, and got to know the owners even more. We ventured to Home For Good Dogs, the Morristown Community Soup Kitchen, and the NJ Highlands Coalition HQ on Main Street. It was the most exciting and inspirational part of MSPA for sure. We also stopped for pizza.

MSPA has definitely made me and my peers better people, and this club should and will become much larger than it is now, and needs to be spread throughout the U.S and the world.

A learning experience

Yesterday’s field trip was beyond amazing and unlike any other experience. Sure you get to hear people telling you to donate to charity or people blabbing away about how you should donate to them. But going to the charity and meeting the people personally and have they tell you why they get up in the morning to do this makes you feel a sense of gratitude. Like hey I get up in the morning to go to school because I’m forced too but nobody is forcing them to get up in the morning and go help this charity. Makes you begin to wonder why they do what they do and what makes them want to do it. It also gives you a sense of generosity and gratefulness to those people who are doing so much to give back and still want to make time to meet with us and ask us to give back.

Week 8

My team decided on our investment distribution by picking the organization whose goals were as similar to ours as possible.  We determined that 100% of our fundraising would go to that organization.  I have found working in a group environment easy.  We are making decisions together quite easily and have found little trouble in coming to a consensus.  I expect that next class will be very interesting, and I look forward to seeing the charities that were chosen.

Last class

During our last class we showed presentations on which charity we chose and why.  Each group participated  and told us why they wanted to donate to their specific charity.  Surprisingly, every organization that was represented on our panel is receiving at least some funding.  It makes us feel good to know that everyone is getting helped and we did not have to leave anyone with money.

My Father

I spoke to my father a while ago , and actually was a witness to his philantropy efforts . I remember one summer , he was bringing me to my grandmothers home , and my took out my suitcase from hte trunk of his car . I saw sooo many backpacks and pencils and lots of notebooks . I asked my father , why did he have so many notebooks in the trunk of his car . He said he was donating it , to the kids who could not afford to buy school supplies that upcoming school year . I suppose I got my urge to give from him , because he is such a great role model for me . Even though this happened a really long time ago , his actions are still in my memory . Which means that , it really affected me in a way that not all my memories have .

I am hoping to make up for last weeks blog ,

as you might know by now everything that goes on in hte school has to be board approved . right now it is way to late to come up with a new fundraiser . In the last class i spoke about how the fundraiser will happen Monday , but right now I dont see how that is possible . Even though we have annouced the fundraiser , no one has signed up , this school just doesnt want to do a volley ball tournament . Hopfeully I can recieve some donations on sunday from my church and bring that in , so we at least have something . next time .. we should have tarted fundraising ealier I suppose . Just disappointed it didnt work out this year .