Field Trip

The field trip that we took to deliver the checks to all of the organizations was an amazing experience and was eye-opening to say the least. When we delivered the check to my group’s organization, ARC, we had the opportunity to tour their facilities. This was a tear jerking experience as we had the chance to see where the money would be going. We got to see three different groups of “clients” during our tour: ages 3-5, 5-9, and the adult group. The first two groups definitely impacted me as children with special needs are the reason why I joined the group in the first place. As I saw these kids it really struck home as I found the foundation of my inspiration. The third group made me feel proud as I could see how ARC had affected each adults’ life. I saw regular citizens, not adults with special needs, and this made me so happy to see the outcome of ARC’s efforts, and to see how the money we raised would improve each individual’s life. This was a truly humbling experience and makes me want to work towards another philanthropic goal, or maybe just offer some of my time to help out.

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